Couple simple questions...

I have seen differnt answers to this on here and on different sites. In '01 to '02 the yzf's had 4 valves and were not titanium. Then I saw the '01 to '02's had 5 and were. So which is it. Also does the front end push alot. I have read alot about this being a problem from the mags but have started to not listen tho them.

I don't know about the front end push but I know they have 5-titanum valves and they have had those for a couple years I think.

they have always had 5 titanium valves. Push is related to how you ride and set up the suspension. Any bike can be set up to push the front end out.

OK thanks, I thought that the push could be solved. The bike that am going to probably buy has the Enzo subtanks so If I get it set up for my self I should have a good handling bike.

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