RaceTech, WR 400/426 and Delta valves!

I sent my forks and shock to RaceTech about 3 years ago, and they re-sprung for my weight (220 with gear) and put in Gold Valves.

I rode my '98 WR400 in that configuration, and really liked the changes.

Recently, I bought a '01 WR426, so I pulled everything apart, and tranfered all of the racetech stuff to the new bike, and put all the stock stuff out of the '01 into the '98.

I find that the front end is super stiff. I have my compression clickers all the way out, and it is still significantly stiffer than what I had with the 400.

So, I pull the racetech springs out of the 426, and I put in the stock springs. Better, but still too stiff.

So, last night my buddy convinced me to go with some Delta valves. They way he describes it, the Delta valves give me another valving circuit (high speed), and is more reliable than the shim system.

Another buddy is telling me that the Delta valve system is a step back from the Gold Valves.

Who knows what the hell is going on?


The '98 didn't have (and probably worked better) the notorious CV valve like the '01 fork. Different midvalve set-up too.


PS....put the stock valves back in and get revalved by a reputable tuner :cry:

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