Walden Sand Dunes

I'm supposed to go up to the sand dunes this weekend and was wondering what kind of trails there are up there, i'm planning on riding Grizzley/Helena trail, is there anything else up there worth checking out?, did i mention i hate sand :cry:, Thanks Brad.

Since no one out there rides any trails near the sand dunes anyone live in Walden and care to report on the snow, is there any?, Thanks Brad.

Hey Brad,

You should get on the NCTR site and post your question there. Those guys ride the Grizzly/Helena area regularly.

I've never ridden at the sand dunes but heard it's a blast.

I may be riding Moody on Sunday. Not sure yet though.

VMAX - I ended up not riding grizzley/helena due to a guy on NCTR saying it was covered in ice, my buddies went to the sand dunes and found 80 miles of single track so i wish i had ended up going but oh well, next time, how was moody?

Most of the guys bailed so my buddy and I did 63 miles at Rampart. I hit a tree and I'm pretty sore. :cry: Damn, it's dry down there now.

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