Hard to start bike????

Alright I got an 04 CRF450 and usually she fires right up when kicked a like 2 or 3 times with the choke when cold. Well yesterday she was really acting up. She refused to start with the choke on. Any suggestions??? Im guessing that either my plug is going cause it is the stock one or the valves are starting to go and i need to have them set. Any 2 cents on what you think will be very helpful. I dont feel like trying to fig it out right now so i will have more details later. Thanks.

I would check the valve clearances.

My bike did the same thing. When it was cold it would not start with the choke. At one point it got so bad it wouldn't fire unless I used the hotstart.

What about jetting? Has the weather drastically changed recently?

i would check your valve clearence, i bet its zero, i have had my valves, replace 3 times this summer on my 04, this time its getting kw stainless, the only down side of the crf 450 is the valves. love the bike, hate the valve issues.

I am still running the original factory valves in my '02 with no problems. Before you go to the valve checking thing check out all the other areas that should be checked. Is the filter clean? Did you twist the throttle before kicking it? Get it running then set the slow speed jet. My bike likes two or three kicks without the choke on then one with the choke on to start it after it sets for a few days. Oh, and I still have the factory plug in it.

Work your way from the air filter to the carb and then to the spark plug then the valves. Don't jump ahead of other things that should be checked first before going to the valves.

When the valves went on my 02 it got hard to start when cold. Had to crack the throttle a 1/8 turn to get it to fire. With new SS valves it starts on 1st or 2nd kick just like it always used to. Check your valves more often than not when a CRF gets hard to start the valves are leaking.

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