WR450F 2-trac

i just saw yamaha's new AWD dirtbike, sounds pretty sweet, i know its an old concept but its now a production bike, not sure if its old news but i just got the November issue od dirt rider in and its my first time hearing about it its on page 66. :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

theres been a couple big threads about it in the wr450 forum. I wouldn't mind having another tire spinning but I wouldnt pay 3 times more money for my bike to get it (the 2wd WR is supposed to be close to 15 grand in the US)

$18,000 actually, :cry: only because there are only 250 made so far, and once it becomes mass produced the price will go down

They are listed as a "limited production" model on Yamaha's Austrailian site: http://www.yamaha-motor.com.au/motor/index.htm?motor.asp

I also heard there is one of them sitting in Yamaha Canada's head office, at least there was a few months back.

How much you wanna bet that KTM will have their version in mass production before Yamaha does?

what would the 2-trac be good for? the only thing i could think of is uphills. :cry:

r they using the same technology as those chrisitini mountain bikes?

kind of the yamaha has a hydraulic cystem and Christini guy uses the chain and extra counter shaft sprocket which are on the hondas, the 2-trac system is good for cornering, you can turn much tighter and faster w/o the front wheel sliding out from underneath you, there is a big article on it in "Dirt Rider" in the November issue

We are starting to work on an aftermarket frame kit for Honda's using our shaft drive system. Don't know what the cost will be yet, but it shouldn't be much more than a BBR kit.

They're supposed be handle a little better too...hills, mud, sand. AND ALL Ohlins suspension! Awesome! Of course, it was Ohlin's hydraulic drive design, so it only makes sense to use Ohlin's suspension I guess. (for the Yamaha, that is)


How do you get the image to display in a post? Usually you just use "[/img]." But it doesn't seem to work. Thx

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