Let's see some photos of your new 05 WR's!!

I know some of you have picked up your new 05 WR's. How about posting some photos for the rest of us?? :cry: :cry:

Ok, Ok. I guess I left the door wide open for that. :cry:

What I was really looking for was maybe some up close shots of the new rides...more so than the standard marketing photos from Yamaha. :cry:

How about some shots of you on your '03 in the rain tonight?

I heard that they'd show up around here in November. Historically, didn't they show up in January or February?

It looks like the silencer is new. Wonder how it sounds in real life compared to prior years'.

I'd love to but I have a rear flat at the moment... :cry:

Yeah, mine showed up in January but there's a couple of guys that already have them in Cali. I guess I'm just more excited than they are and I'm not getting one ! :cry:

Hi Dave:

I just PM'd you...give me a call. I'm on baby patrol tonight!


I went to Berts Motorcycle Mall (regretfully)yesterday to buy some new radiator shrouds and they didnt have any WR's at all. They did have the CRF 250f with electric start and headlight though. Maybe i should just buy one of those instead of a WR cause nobody has any WR's instock. J/K... would never go Red.

Just came from looking at a WR450 at one of local dealers. I liked the new forks and front brake hose routing. Didn't like the air injection system (California models), too much extra junk to mess with to make it run and it looks like it will be difficult to remove it compleatly. Seat is pretty narrow and goes clear up to the gas cap. Seat is still hard as steel. Renthals are 7/8" but thats still a far cry better than previous years stock bars. Exhaust can will need a larger opening so that its not choked up. While there will be some work to be done to make it run right, I give the non-California models thumbs up. :cry:

Can someone please explain to me the diffrence in the front forks from the 04' to the 05' Thanks in advance! :cry:

they are supposedly twin chamber and i'm told they highly resemble a early 90's RM fork. go figure, new technology in reverse :cry: well the yz's are anyway,the wr probly just has last years yz 48 mm's

Not to mention, they went from 46mm to 48mm in 05 too.

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