650R Dual Sport Gearing?

I have a friend who is in the process of dual sporting his '01 XR650R and he is running 13/53 gearing for woods riding and I was wondering what gearing would be a good compromise for on and off road. Would the stock 14/48 gearing be best? Or should he go up to a 15 tooth up front. I know someone out there has all of the answers. Thanks

I would think the stock 14/48 would be a very good compromise, especially since it's stock. The 15/53 is pretty close to 14/48, but you'll get a little bit more speed in each gear with the 14/48. If you're out for a day where you're going to be woods riding and want that lower gearing, then you can simply change the front sprocket and run 13/48.

14/48 will work ok, I've ran 15/47 on mine for dual-sport use with no problems... keeps the front wheel from lofting at will, but totally cool for high speed DS riding.

My 650R has been dual-sported for three years, and I've always run the stock gearing of 14/48, which works great.

I tried the 15/48 once, but the stock chain was too short, and even with the wheel pushed as far forward as possible, the chain would still not fit. If I had forced it, then it would have been too tight anyway.

A lot of guys say they run 15/48 on the stock chain, which makes me wonder if Honda has stock chains of varying lengths on these bikes. Because I know it won't work on my bike.

I've never had any problem running with a 15 tooth front sprocket on my bike with the stock 48 rear. 15/48 works great for dual sporting and then I switch to a 13 tooth for dirt only work :cry:

Maybe stretched chains? My 13/50 is tight i'll have to go back to 48 if i want to put the

14 back on it'd be tight with 15.

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