Reccommendations for XR650R suspension service

Has anyone sent their suspension out for service/upgrade and if so who do you reccomend? Would prefer someplace in SW USA. Currently thinking about Race Tech and getting some Gold Valves with Precision Concepts a close second.

Have you tried dicks racing? They are local and even have a website ( I know a few people that have used him and they are real happy. I know he stands behind all his work and you can bring the shock back for extra fine tuning or more adjustments. A lot easier then shipping it off to another state. I'm going over there myself this week to purchase a race tech rear shock spring. Hope this helps...Jim

Thanks! I just check on mapsonus and Dick's is just 15 minutes down the road. Beats having my stuff get lost my UPS. I've read about Dicks before and didn't realize he's right hear in Sin City.

I sent mine out to too tech racing they have a website that has fabulous info. I have a 650r, I way about 270. I would recommend doing this asap I could not believe the difference. I would say this is the most important thing you can do. Check them out.

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