another new face at the bar!

1st of all A BIG HELLO everyone :cry:, another newbie drz owner here :cry:,bought myself a new 04 drzS about 4 months ago and after finding this site ive generated the itch to start the mods!so far i have changed out the headlight to the blue vertica model, mini blinkaz, acerbis hand guards, full rs3 yosh,air box mod, & the cfc case guards and skid plate and rad guards are on order from the TT next plan is the s/m wheels as here in the u.k there aint many trails left to ride legally thanks to the plight of the tree huggers and ignorance of our government :cry:

so best part of my riding will be on tarmac. my Q to you guys is what jetting should i have based on my current mods at sea level here in the u.k?



welcome to TT! :cry: :cry: :cry:

now get out your pen and paper for note taking :lol: and your wallet for online shopping. :cry:

:lol: :lol: :lol::cry:

Welcome, go to search,select a forum,(bike), and with words to search for type in jetting. You'll find all the info you want. :cry:

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