Politics - Who do we need to vote for in Washington?

I live in Everett, WA and have no idea what congressmen etc. to vote for. I was wondering if there were any fellow Washingtonians that knew which of these people I am going to see on the ballot are worth my vote? Which ones are opposed to us motorcyclists? and which ones are more likely to stand up for us? Any info would be great. :cry:

Ok, we need to know which congressional district your in, go to http://www.leg.wa.gov/common/maps/congdist.htm to pick out your district.

Then we have the state legislative districts, go to http://www.leg.wa.gov/common/maps/statemap.htm to find your state legislative districts.

You have one congressional represenative on the federal level, and 2 senators.

Everyone has the same senators, ie Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell. These senators are all up for re-election every 6 years, but not on the same year. This year is Patty Murrays turn, she needs to be replaced with George Nethercutt.

Congressional represenatives are one for each district and they are always up every 2 years (and all elections are on even years)

Govenor of course, is the same for all too. You need Dino Rossi, not Christine Gregoire!

As for the state level, you have 2 state represenatives, usually called pos 1 and pos 2, and one state senator, they all have 4 year terms and usually several are up while one isnt, so you may have 2 to vote for or maybe just one. But to answer that, we need to know what state district you are in. Go to the link to see your area or check your voter registration card, it will tell you. Report back and I'll see if I can help. A rule of thumb, democrats will oppose your riding on federal lands while republicans (AKA GOP for grand ol party) will usually support it. But there are some exceptions ot this rule. Now as for judges, you just have to do your homework on these, they are listed as NP or non partisan, so its hard to tell where they stand. Several ways to pin them down is to see who endorses them. Also, its not scientific, but others may have done your homework for you on this, if you see yard signs like Rossi, Nethercutt, GWB etc, pay attention to what judge signs they have too, then look for a consitency, soon, your probably have a good idea as to what judges to vote for. Hope this helps. Also, usually the Blue Ribbon Coalition at http://www.brc.org will have their endorsments of candidates by state, check them out too. Glad to see your a voter and concerned about riding habitat! :cry:

check out the latest issue of dirt bike magainze. there is a voting guide that grades conressman on their voting record regarding offroad riding.

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