XR400 fork disassembly

What a pain in the, well, you know where!

Hopefully the "Special Tool", a pin spanner cleverly disguised as a 1 1/8 pipe, mashed to place the pins correctly, will survive the reassembly!

Fork seals really shouldnt take this much work, they didnt used to!

Thinking about replacing the fluid with an 80% ATF, 20% 10W40 mix, help the old white whale carry this old white whale!

Robert :cry:

The ATF should already be a fair bit thicker than the spec'd factory viscosity, so maybe you want to try that 1st, before going thicker? Maybe you already have. Anyway, I would at least stick to hydraulic oils (of which ATF is basically). If you start to blend in motor oil, your mystery mix may not have the properties desireable for a suspension fluid (e.g. anti-foaming).

I hadnt tried anything yet. That was more a joke than an idea :cry: But I am planning on going back with 7.5w, and reducing the size of the preload shim I stuffed in there a while back.

Robert :cry:

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