won't start

was coming home from a ride tonight and just as I pulled into my driveway the motor shut down as if I ran out of gas.I checked it but there still some left. Tried to restart but no luck. Turns over fine but won't start.Its an 03 drz400 with 9500 km on it. Do u think it could be the spark plug?..any suggestions are appreciated.

VAc line come off the petcock? Lower on fuel then you think? Try starting and running in the prime position. (remove fuel line, turn to prime.Fuel flowing? if so, connenct fuel line and try and start.

Maybe it was just tired and wanted a rest :cry:

hey bronco..I tried your up in the morning and turned the fuel valve to started on the second problems..turned the valve back to on.. started right up..guess I'm in the clear...still don't understand why it wouldn't start before tho...thx again bronco...dave

hey 10guy...I hope its not tired because it ain't gonna get no rest!!! :cry:

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