Bike Haulers?

My van is getting a little tired, and I am considering alternatives to getting my toy around.

Can someone explain to me a bit about the hitch mounted bike haulers?

Do any fit a 1 1/4" class 2 hitch?

What about hitch mounted cargo carriers? Would that be a reasonable solution?

What keeps the bike from rocking side to side on the car?

From a slightly different angle: What's the most fuel efficient vehicle that can accept a 2" reciever hitch?

I don't think you'll get a bike carrier that fits a class 2 carrier, it's just not beefy enough to support the weight. click here This explains the 'anti-tilt' device used so the bike doesn't rock back and forth. As for which car to get, you'll just have to do a little research on to find out :cry:

By the way, I got my bike carrier from (the one that supports 2 bikes on 1 carrier) and haven't had any problems. Hope this helps :cry:


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