250x or 230f

I'm thinking of selling or trading in my atv(400ex) for a dirtibke. The biggest problem I have is my height. I'm 5'2 and about 125lbs. I think I'd be able to touch well on the 230f but I'm worried about the power. With the 250x, the problem I have is the seat height. Can anyone make some suggestions for me? For the most part I would probably do trail riding and might venture on to the track.

i know exactly where you are coming from. when i bought my crf 250r i could not touch the ground at all. i bought a lowering link from a company called kouba suspention technologies. it installs in about 10 minutes and it will drop the seat height on your bike about 2 inches! and the best thing about it is that when you gain some height you can just pop the stock linkage back in and its back to its normal height. there are some drawbacks though. the link may make the bike handle differently. honda has spent alot of time and money engineering the geometry of these bikes, and when you throw it off it changes the handling of the bike. you can also shave foam out of your seat to lower the seat height. this is rather uncomfortable on long rides but it will ge the job done cheap. if you are not limited by a tight budget, send your suspention to jn innovations or mx-tech and have them lower it. it may cost quite a bit of money but trust me it will be the best moneyh spent on your bike. if you go this route, go all the way. get the gold valves, and all of the bells and whistles. there is no better thing to spend money on than the suspention of your bike. it will make you faster and more comfortable without doing any motor work! so dont skimp on such a vital component.


I'm 5'7" and got the CRF230F. Height was great but I grew out of the power (lack of) within a few months. I bought a 250X, even though I can't touch, but the magic start button makes the height tolerable. The 250X is WAY WAY WAY WAY faster than the 230, in case you haven't had a chance to ride each one. WAY FASTER!!!! :cry:

^^^^ i know! i am scared to think what would happen if i got on a 450....god...just imagining the power i have in 1st and second threw all the gears is scary.! :cry:

My daughters 250X should finally come back from the suspension shop this week. She is 5'3" and 115 pounds. The bike will be 2 inches lower and with new softer springs and revalved shocks to match her weight. Her second ride on the bike will be this weekend and I'll have something to report.

The stock 250X is to tall for a height challanged rider and probably to stiff for anyone weighing less than 140 pounds or so.

I'm 5'7" and got the CRF230F. Height was great but I grew out of the power (lack of) within a few months. I bought a 250X, even though I can't touch, but the magic start button makes the height tolerable. The 250X is WAY WAY WAY WAY faster than the 230, in case you haven't had a chance to ride each one. WAY FASTER!!!! :cry:

I'm 5'6" and I can touch fine on my 250R? You should definitely be able to touch at 5'7"? I own a 230 also and while it's a VERY good trail bike, it pales in comparison to the 250, thus 1/2 the price. My wife rides the 230 and I use it as a moped to cruise around the neighborhood. The electric start on the 230 is nice and it definitely does very well on the trails, it's just ridiculously heavy and slow. After getting used to the 250, the 230 just doesn't seem as fun anymore.

Get the 250 and check out the Kouba. You can adjust things like moving the forks up a bit to counteract the lowering of the rear. It won't ride like it will stock, but if you do the lowering link before you ride it, you'll never know the difference until you gain some height and put the stock link back on.

Pitcrew_dad I would appreciate a report after she gets her bike back. That's reassuring that she's about the same height as me. I appreciate the help everyone. :cry:

I own both bikes as well as an XR 250, and I love all three. Depending on what you're looking for and your experience, the 250 X may be more bike that you would like. The 230 F is one of the funnest play bikes I've ever been on. I'm 6'1" and 190# and I sometimes choose the 230 over the 250 X for gnarly technical rides (That's assuming someone has already taken out the XR which is my first choice). It pulls me up every hill and gets me back to my truck :cry:

My two oldest boys, who are both 5'11" or taller, have no problems with either bike, but my wife who is 5'2" feels much more comfortable on the 230 F.


Im only 5'6" and can just barley tuch the ground tip toe w/ both feet so the 230 would deffinatly fit you much better but its power is nothing to a 250x i went riding w/ a guy who had a 230 and got him w/ a nice big muddy roost when he was trying to keep up, theres just not as much power w/ the 230 but what ever you pick itll be better than the quad :cry::cry:

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