Near Miss

Just gotta vent:

So, I'm at the local public trail taking in the national forest scenery at a somewhat brisk pace. Cruising. Having fun. When what do I catch out of the corner of my eye??? A freak'n quad about to tee bone me. Some moron off the trail and no doubt having just finished playing in some little mud puddle off the trail is about to CROSS THE TRAIL. Unbelievable. I know for sure I have no chance of stopping, so I actually get on it harder. I'm praying (and this happened fast of course) that the quad god lumbering along at .25 mph is going to at least hit the break. Surely that 500 lb. chunk of metal could stop. But no, he meanders right onto the trail. Somehow, we miss. For once, I'm actually thankful for quad wide trails.

I seriously wonder if the guy actually tried to hit me. It's hard to describe, but if he had any sense what-so-ever that I was there he could have stopped. Lord knows, he should have heard me coming a mile away. It was really weird. Had he been a deer or squirrel, I would understand it. They're stupid. But a real live human with a brain, ears, and eyes. :cry: :cry: :cry: I don't get it.

No, I didn't stop and go back. I travel alone. Most quads don't. Further, most are well armed in my part of the country (hunters playing between the morning and evening hunt).

At least I feel better now. :cry:

I was gonna ask if you stopped and kicked his ars until I got to the end of your post.Too many dumb asses out there.You always have to be paying attention because somebody else wont be.This is true on the road and on the trails. :cry:

He's probably on the forum telling his moron ATV buddies about the lunatic on the bike flying down the trail at 10mph who sped up and tried to run him over. :cry:

What an ass.

Way too funny!!! And probably true!!

:cry: :cry: :cry:

I ride quads and biks and also subscribe to both quad and bike forums. You can take this thread and reverse it so the bike is comming from the side and find the same story in the quad forum. Of course everyone in that forum say that people on bikes have no brains.

Bottom line, there are no stop or yield signs in the woods. We all have to look out for the other guy.

I'm glad no one got hurt, it doesn't always turn out that way.

It may have been a good idea to go back and ask the guy if he saw you comming down the trail without being rude. Maybe you scared the crap out of him and he learned a good lesson. Of course, maybe he really didn't care and it's just as well you kept going.

You can take this thread and reverse it so the bike is comming from the side and find the same story in the quad forum.

I agree. I'm not a huge quad fan, but I don't go out of my way to bash them. Heck, the very day this happened I lead a sniveling lost mini-quad rider suffering a panic attack back to the parking lot. This is 100% true, but I probably shouldn't joke about it. I can remember getting lost on some trails as a kid and it is scary.

Bottom line, there are no stop or yield signs in the woods.

Actually, the trails are one way and you're not supposed to get off of them. They don't cross. The forest service is very picky about this and they have no sense of humor when it comes to violations. Had a forest ranger seen this guy they would have, at a minimum, given him a $ 100.00 fine for his wanderings off the trail. Not picking, I'm just sensitive about this issue. People wandering off the trail, not wearing helmets, etc are the ones who get our public lands closed.

What trail system was you riding?

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