250x airbox mod

With the airbox top cut out, my filter seemed to accumulate quite a bit of dirt. I just glued a square piece of window screen over the hole I cut. Has anyone tried this? Do you think there is a negative effect to this? I know there may be a little bit of air restriction, but is there anything I should worry about with the screen?


Try stretching a "Filter Skin" over the hole after putting some oil on it. That way you're not just creating a seive for the small dirt to get through. or maybe a little oil on the screen...er but then again maybe oil the sides of the airbox. I did this on my blue 02 400 and in the so cal desert and sand, it worked great and the clean up was a better deal than cr** in the carb.

I have not mod my box on the new X. Post if you're successful in making it better than what you got now.

PS how did you break in. Hard or by manual specs?

Air filters are supposed to accumulate a lot of dirt. This also means you are accumulating a lot of air. The surface area of an air filter is large enough to accomodate a certain amount of dirt buildup and still provide sufficient air flow. A filter skin pre filter isnt a bad idea but it will slightly reduce airflow. Pre filters are designed for air filters that are more exposed to the elements to keep large debris from sticking, clogging, and possibly damaging the element. As far as screening over the air opening, I say why. You shouldnt be getting any large debris in the airbox under normal conditions. What you are seeing on your filter is a build up of fine dirt that sticks to the oil (thus the design) . Todays filters are designed to let air pass through the foam causing it to change directions slightly causing airborn solids to adhere to the oil via surface tension. Any single layer pre filter, or screen that was fine enough to keep this micro fine dirt out of the air filter would also be keeping too much air out. When riding in central ca summer a filter looks dirty after one hour. After 3 two hour rides (in the summer) I will clean the filter, but cant honestly say that I can see a performance difference, thus maybe the filter isnt really as dirty as it looks! M in M

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