I forget who told me this, or where I got it from. I was told that when ever you ride you want your bike, and everything like new. That it will help you ride better, beacuse you feel better. These is inculed that you are probly top B to A rider. You know what I mean, if like someone first time riding with everything new, wont make them much faster. LOL Well any thoughts ??? :cry:

Well i am in the b class and me and my friend ride alot he ahs and 03 250f and i have an 04 he doesnt really take care of it as good as i do adn to me the bike jsut feels not as tight and in control as my bike. if you ever get the chance to ride a new bike and a older bike of the same kind you will be able to tell the differnce. For me i dont feel like i can go half as fast on his 250f becuase i jsut done feel as safe or as if it has enough control. hope taht helps peace.

new bike every year. thats all my thoughts.

OK let me detail it more. New grips,brake fluid, leavers,front tire, back tire, and so on. Well contine the thoughts. THANKS :cry: :cry: :cry:

OK let me detail it more. New grips,brake fluid, leavers,front tire, back tire, and so on. Well contine the thoughts. THANKS :cry: :cry: :cry:

Hey guys, I'm new to this forum so let's get this out of the way quickly ....."HA HA NEWBIE"... now on to munster's question.

I agree 100% with the comment about riding better on a new or new feeling motorcycle. I think tires have a huge affect on how a bike feels, I would replace tires everytime I ride if I could afford it. Bad tires will put you on your head faster than anything.

My most current bike is an '03 CRF450 it only has about 15 hours on it (I don't get to ride much) so it still has that new feeling. I haven't done much to it other than tear it down almost to the frame as soon as I got it home to re-grease and torque everything.

And that is the key I think..taking time to tear your bike down, inspect and grease the bearings and make sure everything is torqued when you re-assemble, while taking the time to inspect the various pieces to make sure everything is 100%.

I've gotten into the habit of changing my oil, cleaning the air filter, adjusting the chain, and giving the bike a quick once-over everytime I ride, cheap insurance in my book.

Then at least once a year (normally winter) I tear the bike down to the frame and inspect each peice as I reassemble. This has worked very well for me, I also have a 1992 KX250 which looks and feels "new". I still raced that KX until I got my CRF. I can only speak for myself on this but I know that I am not at a level where I out-ride the bike, I know I could ride better on that old KX than some of these new bikes that I see at the track that never get worked on.I still ride the KX, and sometimes I wonder why I bought a new one (I thought I had to have a new 4-stroke).

It would be nice to buy a new bike every year, but I can't afford that and I really don't see the need, as long as you take care of your current bike.

I hope I didn't get to far off-topic....I think the thread was originally about riding not wrenching....

Let me say i always keep my bikes in A- condition.But between races i always got the major dirt off but not spotless.I guess last season when i had my 450 i decided to wash bike spotless between races and clean gear and shower also between races(i have a motorhome).It was my best season,Trophyed top 5 every race.I guess when you feel good about you and your bike you performe better.Dont get me wrong you still need talent.

If you're asking if you need to replace all of that stuff frequently to feel on top of your game, IMO, no, you don't. I think what most have said here is correct, just take care of your stuff and everything will be tight and new enough and, yes, to me that does effect your performance.

I remember when I had my '94 CR500 and a buddy had a '97 YZ250. I take very good care of my stuff, he doesn't. I rode his 250 after he had it about a year and that thing was wore out. Bent clutch lever with plenty of slop, stiff throttle, sloppy footpegs, shifter and kickstarter, not to mention the tore up plastic.

My, at the time, four year-old bike was a joy to ride and I had much more confidence in it than his one year-old heap.

Gosh, I kinda like a bike that's been broken in a bit. Like a new bike after all the suspension fluids have been changed and everthings been run a bit, worked in a bit. They seem to feel better to me than brand new.

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