Whose "S" model is at Corona Motorsports?

Took in my '01 E to have it re-jetted (yes I could do it, and yes Im lazy! :cry:) and noticed someone's "S" model in there having all the latest tricks done. The mechanic broke out the list of mod's for this guy and I noticed they they were all printed out from this forum. The bike was looking good! New Pro Tapers, a new steering dampner (SP?), new tires, air box mod, tank, pipe, and so on. Should be really nice.

So far I've done the full Yosh system, pulled the snorkel, installed a Twin Air, and bar risers are on the way. This alone has made my "E" model quite quick and fun. Well, the CA license plate makes it fun too! Mods are addicting! :cry:

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