Lowering the seat height on a TTR125L

I have the opposite problem that other growing riders here, I'd like to lower the seat height of a TTR125L. My nephew (a begineer) fits the TTR125 perfectly, his heels are about an inch of the ground. but the TTR125L is an inch and a half taller. Since the L is a better bike and almost comparibly priced in my area and since he's new I'd like to be able to lower the bike a bit. Then after he's grown into it I would like to raise it back to stock. So the question, is the front and rear suspension in the L adjustable to give a lower initial seat height?

Thanks, Ed

As far as I know the only difference between the TTR125 and the TTR125L is the rim/tire diameter. If you want a much better bike, the TTR125LE is what your looking for (electric start, disc brake, adjustable suspension). You can add a little more free-sag than is ideal and lower the front forks in the clamps slightly. Beyond that you need to start thowing money at the bike. Maybe you should put him on a used XR100 until he grows enough to be comfortable on the TTR.

i wouldn't really touch the suspension....i would just shave the seat....so this way u dont loose any suspension travel... and once you want to raise it back up, just put the foam back in.

I dont think they even make 125L's past 2003, I think they only make it in the LE version now :cry:

I dont think they even make 125L's past 2003, I think they only make it in the LE version now :cry:

They added electric start to the small wheel version and call it the TTR125E. It still does not have the disc brake or the adjustable suspension. They still make the TTR125L (kick start only).

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