03 Wrf running without the battery ?

What do I need to do to run my Wrf without the battery, as in opening up the air box and using just the kick start? When I tried just unplugging the batt and kicking it over it wouldn't go, but as soon as i plugged it in and kick it over again she fired up first time and every time. If this is a dumbass question I'm sorry but I know squat about electrics, is it because I need to complete the circuit or something ????

Many thanks, Deako :cry:

Did you remove anything besides the battery? According to the manual there is a starter relay that gets 12v from the fuse in front of the battery. Is the fuse installed? Is it fuse Good?

I haven't done it. I'm just looking off the manual's electrical diagram for ideas.

I suspect you may need a capacitor in place of the battery in order to get it to run. Probably a 50V electrolytic, 5000 uF would work.

This is pure speculation based on my suspicion that the CDI takes power from after the rectifier. If this is true (I am out of town and not near my manual, so I can't confirm), then the DC being produced by the rectifier/regulator is very choppy and it may explain the inability to start. If you try the capacitor route, you may wish to insert a small series resistor (a couple of ohms, five watts) to ensure that the inrush to the capacitor at start doesn't fry your rectifier.

ps - 5 watts is technically insufficient, but shouldn't overheat in the second or so it will take to charge the capacitor. I you try this, I would check the running temp of the resistor to make sure it is not going to burn up.

pps - I would think that an aftermarket product exists to solve this problem. Anybody?


Upon further thought, the lack of battery is likely screwing up the regulation circuit. The capacitor approach should work.

You need to purchase the White Brothers "battery eliminator" (around $25) to replace the battery. I used one with great success on a KLR250, which had a battery to run lights (dual sport).

You still have to have the starter button in the on position, the red lighted one, :cry:

I have my battery out also, and it would not start at first, so I pushed the ignition(red lighted button) button, and kicked and it started then, I leave that button on, I will be putting battery back in next season, but have it out for now(recovering from an ACL injury)Hope that helps you with your question of how to get it started.


I took it out when I converted the bike for supermoto and didn't do anything else and it ran just fine

mine is gone also and if your system isn't grounded it won't work. make sure that the wires that went to the neg. side are still connected to the ground strap.other than that mine has worked fine. as far as the ig. switch just cross the wires and remove it,refer to the manual because one of those wires was to light the diode,just remove that one. :cry:

so did you get it going or what, update us here.

Hey sorry guys just got back after working away for a few days, its around midnight here now, I'll check again tomorrow as there seems to be a lot of good advice. Thanks all update asap ! :cry:

Well I tried removing the battery again, and it just fired right up! I guess I just must have forgot how to kick the first time !!!

So no need for any wire changes just disconnect and ride :cry: Thanks for all your sugestions guys.


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