need graphics? 2001 TE570

I have a TE that needs some graphics. I'm a graphic artist by trade and I'm looking into designing my own graphics and having them printed up at graphics mx. Let me know if you are interested in a set...I'm looking to offset the setup charge. I will post the design when I am done with it.


Hey Mindeye, let me know what you come up with! I would be very intrested to find out.


great! I'll start putting it together....

I would be interested in seeing what you come up with.


01 TE570

ok... here are a couple of very rough drafts. I'm kinda wanting a look that is factory clean...but stepped up a bit.

Let me know your thoughts.... I'll be posting more as I come up with them.


sample 1


sample 2

I like num 1 :cry:

I like #2, but add some green backing to the plates. Keep it Euro.

good job

I like number 2. I'm in for a set.


Someone had the idea a while back to do a retro style with the chrome oval at the knee wear spot. That would be very cool. Copy the old stuff and do a yellow version. I could use a set to fit a 04 TE510

Hey... thanks for all the feedback everyone. I have a couple more ideas to post. Once we get a good rough one that everyone (most everyone) likes I'll order the template and get the final design laid out and post it here. I'll try to get details on costs and ordering info as well.

I like the idea of a retro one too... so I might end up with a couple designs to send in for printing.

Keep watching I'll be posting more ideas soon. :cry:

Those are cool! I like # 2 better. Do you have any with the gunsite logo involved?

Ok... here are a few more. I'm still liking #2 for me. But

here's more.









Keep posting opinions please.... I'll be calling Graphic Mx to get details.


4 5 and 6 are all awsome!!!!!! I would go for 5

I'm going for 5 or 6. Probably more 5 then 6 but both work for me.

I still think #2, but #6 is a nice retro of my '82 blue tank 250WR

Great efforts! With the last one I wonder what the silver panel would look like if the front bit extended to the edge of the radiator duct? Might look a little less busy.

I'll call graphic mx on Monday and get all the details to see what the next step will be and order the template. If all goes smooth with the first one (01, 02 570's)I'll see if I can get the template for the 450/510's too. Please keep posting your comments along the way.

I like number one and 6


I'm a definite for the '01-'02 570 graphics as they'll fit my '01 400.


Ok... I just ordered the templates for the 01 TE bikes. They will give me pricing once I send them the prelim's for the design. Here's what I would like to do if we can cover the costs for set up at Graphic mx. I would like to do example #2, #5, #6. For the 2001/02 TE/TC bikes. Then if that works out well then I would do the same for the 03/04 bikes. It looks like #6 will be the least expensive because of the simple colors. I imagine we could get it in different colors as well. They said we could have you order through them or me...doesn't matter to them. I'll have to see which way is better for me to cover my expenses. (I'm only looking to cover my hard costs not design time). Keep me posted on your thoughts. Also if possible please let me know if you are serious about a set (some of you have already) including which design and which bike you want it for. That will help me get this set up.

Thanks.... Here's to finally having some choices in graphics! :cry:

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