Michelin X tires

Anybody running those Michelin X 11's? I read an article on them that made them the hottest knods round? Well boys, whatta ya say? Are they worth their weight??? :cry:

If they work as good as there S or M 12 and last, I'll try them in a hartbeat.

Whatever they said wasn't enough. I loved them.

I put them on my street leagal (barely) E and the were nice and quite on the street. Fabulous on the rocks in Moab Utah, excellent on the clay around Grand Jct.

They were a bit funny feeling with the radial design on the street. More than ounce I thought I had a flat.






Now for the down side

I am not the most aggresive rider and they started chunking in less than 1000 miles.

I refuse to pay $100 for a tire with that short of life. I don't care how good it is.

Chen sing makes one similar for like $39 but everyone is allways out of stock.

It was fun while it lasted :cry:

X11's are great for some people. But they are different. Traction is from the compound not the knobs. They do last a long time. By that I mean you continue to use them even though they look warn out. You basically use them until smooth. No point in spinning a X11. They are a hook up tire and you have to ride like that. A bike like a DRZ400 on hard ground (pavement or Moab slick rock) can peal knobs of in 1 launch. I like it on my KDX. You just have to try one and see what you think for yourself.

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