best air flter for 650r

what one is the best

Well I don't have a 650, but I have found UNIs to be the best, although twinairs are very good too. :)

A good quality foam one ... unless you wanna dust your motor

Im using a K&N and it seems to be doing well.

I'm running a Uni-filter and my buddy is running the K&N. Performance-wise, there's no difference, although I question the K&N's sealing ability along it's outer edges. It comes with a small tube of "sealing grease" that you apply around the edges of the filter to hopefully form a seal. Now don't get me wrong, I've always been impressed with K&N's products, but this one, to me, just doesn't look like a good design. I prefer the foam type filters for applications like these where there really isn't a air box filter cover, but instead the side panel serves that duty with a tension clip and dzus type fasteners. Now in defense of the K&N, my buddy never has had any obvious leaks around the filter, but it only takes once to trash the top end. He still lives in Southern California and rides in the desert which, if ridden with a group, can be a very dusty environment to ride in at times.

So, in short, if you live in a dusty area, I would recommend the Uni. I've read in more than one place that the Twin Air is just as good.

Oh, and one more thing...haha.

The K&N is definetely quicker, and easier to clean and oil. My solution to that is that when I bought my Uni, I bought two of them, (which about equals the price of one K&N) always keeping one cleaned, oiled and in a big ziploc bag. That way I always have a clean filter on hand, which makes filter changes about a 30 second job. I then clean the dirty one during the week and put it back into the clean ziploc bag ready to go. This is very advantageous when your buddies call you late friday night and want to go do that epic ride in the wee hours of Saturday morning...hahaha. I do a quick "preflight" where I check all nuts/bolts/fasteners for security, check the chain, engine oil, tire pressure, and throw in the clean filter, pack my gear, and I'm ready to go, which I've now gotten it all down in under 5 minutes...

Anyway, for the record I vote Uni-filter...8^)

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