Suspension Work

What does it cost to have the front fork tubes and shock shim stack redone by a company. I am looking for a plusher ride over plowed fields or whoops( 2.5 wt oil ?) and am willing to sacrifice jumping and dropping off of 4ft ledges. Who does this well?

There's lots of good companies to choose from. First make sure you have the right springs installed in your forks & shock. The correct springs along with fresh fluids can go a long ways towards a very noticible improvement. If you're still looking for more improvements, then consider a revalve. My revalves were about $150 per end from Barnums and I've been very happy with his work. He's done various bikes for my friends (YZF, CRF, DRZ, KLX, XR, etc) and several for us over the years, all with excellent results.

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