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Accidents that don't need to happen!

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Why is it people seem to have no common sence when it comes to riding? I cant seem to understand why some people make tragic accidents happen when it can be avoided! A 7 year old boy died this saturday in a quad accident where i ride and probably could have been avoided with common sence. A father was riding a quad which his son was also on and crashed leaving his son with serious internal injuries that later led to his death. It is unclear wheather the boy had any gear on but from my past experiences with other riders here im sure it was little or none! 😢 I cant tell you the amount of times i see people with no helmets or other gear on tearing around carlessly and recklessly! I have a 4 yr old son and a 7 yr old daughter that ride a pw50 and never ride with out all their gear (helmet,boots,gloves,goggles,jersey and all the rest). Here in new jersey its illegal to ride just about everywhere so when you find a spot that people (police) seem to leave you alone people always leave trash, ruin property, set fires, drink and ride, get hurt and sue! Which leaves us respectable riders with no where to ride! 😢 I grieve today and say a prayer for little jason and his family and hope this never happens again. 😢 Its only a matter of time now before we have no where left to ride and im sure that this location is now off limits! Here is a copy of the article in todays paper.

Published in the Asbury Park Press 10/18/04




A 7-year-old Keyport boy remembered for his unselfish ways was killed over the weekend in an all-terrain vehicle accident near the Monmouth County landfill, police and family members said yesterday.

Jason Graves, a second-grader at Keyport Central School, was pronounced dead about 11:30 p.m. Saturday at Jersey Shore University Medical Center in Neptune, Kim Sullivan, a family friend, said.

"If someone was in line at the water fountain, Jason let everyone go first," said Sullivan, 40, whose 7-year-old son was best friends with the boy. "He let all the kids go in front of him, and he'd wait his turn. . . . He was such a sweet little boy."

The boy was riding on the ATV with his father when the accident happened about 2:15 p.m. Saturday, Sullivan said yesterday. He suffered internal injuries to his liver and lost a substantial amount of blood. The father, also named Jason Graves and an avid ATV rider, was not injured.

The accident happened off Asbury Avenue, somewhere between Earle Naval Weapons Station and the landfill, Colts Neck police Sgt. Richard Maxwell said.

The area borders both Colts Neck and Tinton Falls and is popular with ATV riders, police said. Township police do not know the exact location nor the cause of the accident because neither police nor first-aiders were called to the scene, Maxwell said.

Maxwell said his department only learned of the accident when Tinton Falls police contacted them hours later. Township police have opened an investigation but so far have little to go on.

Tinton Falls Lt. Thomas Milano said his department does not have an open file on the case and considers it within Colts Neck jurisdiction. Milano also said the county Prosecutor's Office likely will take the lead on the investigation.

First Assistant Monmouth County Prosecutor Robert A. Honecker Jr. confirmed last night that his office is investigating the accident, but he could not provide details.

"It's a tragedy," Keyport Board of Education President Ed McNamara said last night. "We're all saddened by it. Keyport is a small environment, and when something like this happens, we're all affected by it."

The kindergarten-through-seventh-grade school, with about 700 students, will have additional counselors in place today to assist students, staff and parents, McNamara said.

The boy's grandfather, Keith Smith, 49, of Jackson, said he gave the ATV to his grandson as a present about three or four weeks ago.

"I just had it in my shed," a shaken Smith said last night. "He said, 'Poppie, what are you going to do with the ATV?' He was all excited and happy about it."

Jason was a member of Cub Scout Pack 364, based in Keyport, and the Union Beach Little League, according to his obituary. He enjoyed fishing, swimming and working on cars with his father.

A public viewing will be held from 1 to 2 p.m. tomorrow at Scott and Kedz Home for Funerals, 153 Church St., Belford section of Middletown.

The funeral home is covering the cost of the service, and the school and community organizations have launched a fund-raiser to pay for the tombstone, Sullivan said.

"They're a very young couple," she said. "And who thinks about getting life insurance for your child when you're 26 and the child is 7?"

Donations can be made by contacting Sullivan or Principal Robert Higham at the school. The telephone number is (732) 264-0561.

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Tragic, very tragic.

We recently suffered a very similar incident here last week.

A 10-year old was fataly injured when the atv that he was riding on

with his father rolled over. The kid suffered fatal head injuries

when the helmet he was wearing slipped off of his head because it was

too large for him.

Common sense people, common sense.

I can't imagine having to live with myself knowing that my kid's

death was a direct result of my irresponsibilty.

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We just had a similar accident here... a young girl on a quad had no helmet and died from head injuries after crashing the quad. The year before another girl of high school age drove her quad off an emankment and died from head injuries and was not wearing a helmet. That was her first and last ride.

SO sad... especially when the person could have maybe (probably) survived had they been wearing a helmet... just so sad...

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Tragic. People seem to think that 4 wheels are safer than 2. They're all dangerous when you don't wear gear and don't have any skill. Parents are failing to teach their kids little things like manners and respect. How can we expect them to teach their kids common sense, and skills that will save their life ? I agree that all these young children dying is terrible, but when are parents going to be held accountable ? An accident isn't an accident when someone is negligent. I find it ridiculous that people are put under a microscope before they adopt a pet from the Humane Society. But when it comes to having children, all applicants are approved.

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