Front Brake Guard Alert

Hey guys, has anyone broken the stay arm that holds the front brake caliper? I'm new to this forum, but have had my 99WR for a couple of years now. I was riding alongside a fallen log and a small branch hit the front caliper and broke the arm. The dealer said that it wasn't that uncommon of a part to break. I feel that even a plastic disk guard would have deflected it enough to save me $$. The arm is only sold as part of the entire caliper assy, and cost me about $225!! Ouch... BEWARE, this arm is very weak and even a well-placed rock could take it out. At least I have an extra caliper to show for it...


'99 WR

way too stock

Sorry to hear about the broken assembly, I recently installed a GYTR front disc cover and it has saved my bike parts more than a few times. It ran me about $27 and took all of about 3 minutes to install. It looks trick and protects the entire brake assembly.

No modifications necessary, it uses exsiting bolt holes and is very sturdy.



Thanks for the input Mark. Where did you find your particular guard? I'm still looking, but am convinced I need one ASAP. I've read in this forum that some feel it's not necessary because the brake is well hidden behind the fork leg; but if they'll notice, there is an inch or so exposed below the slider. A very small impact was required for mine to break... Thanks again.


'99 WR

way too stock


It is a Yamaha Genuine Part & Accessory, it's called a Plastic Front Disc Guard and the part #'s are as follows:

ABA-4SR15-03-WH (White plastic)

ABA-4SR15-03-BK (Black plastic)

You can order this directly from your Yamaha Dealer. It comes with the guard, a 10mm washer and a 12mm washer, and directions.

It looks like it ran me about $29 with tax.

I hope this helps you.



Thanks Fourstroker,it should work great!


'99 WR

way too stock

I ordered mine from a Yamaha dealer in St. Louis, Missouri. They ordered the part for me from Yamaha Motors themselves. They said it was a genuine Yamaha part for my bike. I currently have a 2001 WR426 and the part bolted right on without any modifications. The front disc guard in bright white and it has a sticker on it saying (GYT-R) which I believe stands for Genuine Yamaha Technology Racing.

I was also told that Acerbis, UFO and Maier also make disc covers that bolt right up without any modifications.

I'll look through my papers and see if I kept the part # for the guard and if I have a telephone # for them.

I'm sure that a dealer near you can order one if you tell him you want a genuine Yamaha part.

Good Luck

I'll post any other info I can find!


Those G-E-N-U-I-N-E Yamaha parts are manufactured for them by your dealer mark-up and get the acerbis to begin with.....

Bonzai...... :)

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