xr 600 cooling upgrades

hi guys

I ride my xr in Greece, where it gets seriously hot. would like to improve cooling, but would rather avoid hassles / plumbing of an oil cooler. On web came across "clamp on cooling fins" (Branson products at ATVCoolPower)and was wondering if anyone had tried this sort of product. are they effective or just a gimmick?

any other suggestions?


The only thing I've seen is the weld on fins from Thumper racing.

For the money, the oil cooler would be a better way to go in my opinion. Get one from a XR250 or 400 and mount it. You can buy a kit from SRC and other places also. Also run good quality oils such as synthetics in the motor.

For increasing the cooling to the motor, trim the rear of the front fender about 2" to increase the amount of air to the cooling fins. Works great except when muddy.

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