Hot start switch or EB Quick Silver??

Does anyone know anything about the hot start switch which lets cool air into combustion chamber or is the only fix to hot starting flooded xr650r a new EB QS. Would love to know. Does EB QS fix the flooding starting problems or is just hype?????

I don't know if the hot start switch works well for the XR650R or not, but I can positively tell you the Edelbrock Qwiksilver works very well. Last year I put together a group deal for more than 25 XR650R owners who bought Qwiksilvers for their bikes and the flooding issues were positively resolved. I've since talked with plenty others who have put this carb on their XR that were also happpy. Fuel no longer runs out the vent hose like it does with the stock carb. In fact, you can even lay your bike on its side with the engine running and twist the throttle as fast as you want and the bike still runs fine with the Qwiksilver - no joke! Throttle response is improved, starting is easier, tuning is much simpler and the dual vent altitude compensation seems to work. The only thing that bugs me about this carb is that it doesn't have a drain screw in the float bowl like the stock carb, but this is one product I'd definitely buy again.

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Hey Qadsan,

Does the EB QS help your gas mileage? I average just over 25 mpg, and I'm trying find one more reason to buy one.

Originally posted by FooBarr:

Hey Qadsan,

Does the EB QS help your gas mileage?...

I think so from my experiences, but I've never done any real tests for this to be certain. I haven't kept track of all my MPG, but I know its no worse than with my stock carb. I've had several people tell me that their MPG definately increased by at least 10%. One nice thing about the QS in terms of fuel efficiency is that the accelerator pump only squirts fuel when you twist the throttle quickly and returns the extra fuel to the bowl if you twist it more slowly. Other pumper carbs (Mikuni TM and Keihin FCR) always squirt fuel with each twist of the wrist no matter how fast or slow you twist the throttle, so perhaps this in itself may be somewhat of a fuel saver for the QS compared to other pumper carbs :)

How much was the Quicksilver using the group purchase. I assume they where purchased from

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Surely someone remembers some information about the group purchase. Might be nice to get another going if there is enough interest.

Regarding the QS: Most of what is said about this carb is true, the bike will for sure start first or second kick in all situations, even a lay down. It also keeps running on it's side, ask me how I know...but the fuel mileage in my opinion seems worse. I used to get 75 miles on my stock tank with the Kehin (172/68S) and now seem to get only 60 miles or less on the same loop with the QS. I'm running 12 clicks out and have the accel pump bypass in another 1/4 turn to reduce the fuel it uses when I crack the throttle (still runs fine). Of course this carb completely eliminated the off idle stall when the throttle is wacked open, which was my main incentive for the purchase. The last thing I will say is that Barnums Pro Products is absolutley without equal on this product, and I presume any other they sell. Great customer service, good prices and they are truly a pleasure to do deal with.

Anyone else have similar experience with the fuel mileage?

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I second the notion about starting a second group buy. I was going to wait to get the QS, but if could get a good deal on one, I'd be all for it. About what did they go for last time with the group buy?

I'm in for a group buy!How much can you save? I see them going for nearly $400. Anybody got details on how they handled the last group purchase?

Originally posted by FooBarr:

I'm in for a group buy!How much can you save? I see them going for nearly $400. Anybody got details on how they handled the last group purchase?

The retail price on the carb is $471, so keep that in mind when looking for a discount. I handled the last group purchase and it was a lot of work - trust me on this. Talk to anyone else whose done this for other products for people they don't know and I'm sure they'll also say it was a crazy & time consuming experience. I've already had two people email me with questions since yesterday who expressed interest on a group purchase for the Edelbrock QS pumper carb, so the wheels are already in motion. Gosh...I said I wouldn't do it again, but I'm retired and currently have some time on my hands, so I'd be glad to help out unless someone else wants to do all the leg work, etc. Here's the steps I recommend be taken to get something like this going, but feel free to do it your own way if you want to step up to the plate.


The first thing that needs to be done is to put together a list of names of whose interested in getting this product at a discounted price so we can all see just how much interest there really is. Obvisouly the more people that get in on this, the better we can negotiate a price. We need to ask our friends, family and anyone else that might be interested in buying this product for their XR250, or XR400, or XR600, or XR650R or even if you know someone wanting one for their Honda TR400EX quad. It may take a good 3 weeks or more to get enough people to make this worth while and then again it may come together very quickly or not at all.


Once there's a rough idea as to whose interested in this product, it's very important to set a cut-off date on this that meets the needs of the majority, otherwise it will linger on for way too long and people will just get frustrated with the lack of progress and the whole thing may fizzle out. Setting a timeline of what needs to be done by certain times keeps things flowing and helps to set expectations for everyone along with helping to firm up an accurate product count for the vendor.


Once the list is established and growing, then things can begin to flow. This is the point where we find out whose really serious and at what prices they are serious at. Once this data is compiled and shared with the group, then the group has a much better idea of where it really stands.


This is a continous evolving process because people will join this group and leave this group up until the very last minute if it goes anything like last time. Once things get firmed up with a targeted price that everyone agrees to, then we negotiate with the vendor to get the best possible price along with their terms and conditions. Price isn't always the most important thing, so we must also consider service and support issues as well.


At this point, we need to go back to step 1 and re-determine the total group interest in this product for the price negotiated, then confirm with everyone in the group that the price along with the terms & conditions meet their full expectations.


Once the numbers and other details are finally nailed down, we can can then make a purchase, but this can be a very difficult task, especially if the vendor requires a single lump sum payment or imposes other special requirements.


I think it's important to coordinate any support efforts so they funnel through a single channel. It's also nice to stay in communication as a group for a short while afterward so that everyone knows how everyone else is doing. There's a lot that can be learned by everyone if the group stays in contact for a short while afterward.

Somebody needs to be the focal point in the group and this person needs to keep the list of names of whose interested, stay in contact with everyone in the group, interface with the vendor, etc. I can't stress enough how important communication needs to be among the group in order for something like this to work out well for everyone. If you're interested in buying this product and want me to handle all this, please just send me a PM (Personal Message) with some details and I'll begin putting a list together and will keep everyone on this list updated with the details. If anyone else wants to do this, please feel free to step up to the plate.

I am interested in the Quick Silver group purchase if it isnt to late.



Originally posted by T Man:

I am interested in the Quick Silver group purchase if it isnt to late.

I didn't get enough interest in this. We'd need at least 10 orders to make it worth while.

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