Question on heavy clutch pull on 92 XR600R

My 92 XR600R has always had a heavy clutch pull (3 fingers minimum for me). I've noticed clutches on other bikes like the XR400 and XR650R are much lighter, and can be done with a single finger. Is there anything peculiar with the 92 XR600R, or is something wrong with my clutch? I have changed clutch cables with no effect.


I have the same exact bike and it's harder then my WR but you have to realize that the clutch is bigger in the XR and the leverage is also a lot different. I really haven't looked into any solutions but one might want to look at different levers, I think SRC might make a longer clutch arm as well. You have a beast of a bike and they are definatly not as nimble as the new bikes. I had a XR400 as well and it was much easier then my 600. Sign of the times I guess.

I have a'94 XR600 and mine is tight as well. I just think that's the way it is on the 600. I know that when the 650 came out, they advertized 20% less clutch effort required and from riding my friend 650 it feels more like 50% easier. I Installed a brand new cable a few months ago and It feels the same as the original one that was on it when I bought it a year ago, Walt

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