650R Bar Vibbbbrrration

Bike: Y2K 650R, HRC breathing kit, Renthal bars, all else stock.

The vibration at the bars really gets me. I get numb hands in 15-20 minutes. Definitely more than my old KTM 300 2 smoke, but not nearly as much as my brother's damned Harley Sportster.


1) Does this seem normal?

2) Has anyone tried any into0vibe insters, like the Fasst Company one reviewd at Off-Road.com?

I can't imagine why your 650R would vibrate more than the KTM. Maybe you have a loose engine mounting bolt? Does it vibrate as bad through the pegs?

I've only ridden two 650R's and neither one of them vibrated really bad....in fact I rode my buddies KTM LC4 620....now there's some vibration!

My hands go numb quite often also. Usually going down tight twisty trails. And of course, holding on like a Piranha or something like that. I try to relax my hands, but you can only do that so much without dreaded results. The bike has no loose bolts or defects I can see...? Hmmmm...

Renthalls CR high bend

Scotts damper

Blah blah blah...

My hands get numb too when I ride at the local riding area. But when I'm on the open desert with a little speed the bike smooths out. Lets face it the 650 has a big piston, and at low RPM you will feel it in the bars. I'm not saying what you are feeling is normal but it could be. I've only put 250 miles on my 650 so I'm takeing notes on all the noise it makes etc..

Check the motor mounts. My XR600 came loose and cracked the frame.

This has never been an issue for me - vibration yes, but not hand-numbing level. I still have the stock grips on. I'd wonder too if something is loose...

It is just my hands - feet are fine. The bike doesn't really vibrate horribly. I had a friend with a 95 KTM 400 EXC thumper (no balance shaft). That thang really shook, Big Red is nothing like that.

I'm sure that I am holding on too tight, and the Renthal's probably exacerbate the problem.

So, nobody has tried an anti-vibe insert?

Here's a solution to your vib problem...

Click Here: GPR Anti-Vibe bar ends

They work wonders...

- Ken

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OK....I've been hesitant to bring this up, but here's a tip that somebody gave me many years ago that 'might' work for bar vibration and I do stress 'might' and without a ton of confidence.

Get a hold of some silicone in the cauking tubes and pump the silicone into your handle bars and pack them completely full of the stuff :)

I've never tried this, so please don't think of this as a guaranteed fix. It might work, but I'm not going to be the person to find out. I don't have any bar vibration issues with my XR650R...yet :D

If anyone does try this, please be sure to let us all know how it works out :D

My 2001 xr650r doesn't vibrate, but my 80' yz465 DOES!! What I have done in the past is since last I check is that you couldn't get a bar snake is to use spray foam insulation type and spray inside your bars. What I did was spray it the night before let it ooze out the sides and in the morning when it is dried cut off excess, P.S. PLEASE take your throttle assembly first

I read a pretty interesting article in Dirt Bike years ago when they were trying to tame a KX500. If my memory serves me, they suggested the following:

1. Bar Snake (basically a heavy rubber piece that you slide inside of the handlebar.

2. Add bar weights to the ends of the handlebars, like the ones that are found on modern sport bikes.

2. Tighten the motor mounts. They suggested putting the bike on a stand to take the weight off of the wheels, and loosening the motor mounts, then progressivly tightening and torqueing them all in a criss-cross fashion (just as you would with a car wheel)

3. Spraying the frame full of the foam insulation, starting midway up the frame, until it oozes out, then working your way up, taking care around the steering stem

4. Use some soft compound grips...I used to run Oury's...any old school guys remember those?

Other than that, just try not to "death grip" the bars...I know, I know much easier said than done...hahaha.

One other thing, when I put DOT tires on, I did notice that it did smooth the bike out somewhat as compared to the knobbies it came stock with.

Glove manufacturers used to put gel inserts in the palms years ago...but I haven't seen any in a while...might look at some mt bike gloves?

On the extreme end, you might try rebalancing your crank. Granted there's a lot of moving mass inside the R's motor, but I can't think that the plant went to great extents to balance it when they built it. Besides it might give you extra pull when trying to convince the War-Department (i.e. wife) to let you get that HRC Power Up kit "while you already have it tore apart"... :)

OH, and one more thing...my buddy swears up and down that the Answer Pro-Taper bars cut down on vibration...but I haven't found anybody, as of yet, to back that up...

I think every one that thinks the BRP does not vibrate needs to ride a real smooth running bike like say .... a xr400 or dr 350. the vibs bug me but when i build up my seat with some more foam i can see much of this going away.

The question really is, "does any one make a triple clamp with rubber mounted bars?"

RG3? ya you wish not for the BRP and they are almost $300.00. http://www.rg3suspension.com/rg3/triple.htm

After 4 years of riding my XR400 I don't notice any more vibration on the 650R. I actually think it is pretty smooth. The DR350 is too anemic to vibrate.

I like the comment about DR350's - Balancing the wheels makes the ride a lot smoother,(even S12's).

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