Rear Preload Adjustment Help

Y2K 650R: How the heck does one adjust the shock preload? I can barely see the collars, let alone get at it. Is there a special tool? I hate using the screwdriver and hammer method, and I can barely get one in there as is. Do you have to yank the air boot?

Also, any thoughts about settings? I was just going to go for 100mm for my mix of trail and MX.

The easiest way that I found is to loosen the locking collar and remove the rock guard, then physically turn the spring by itself to adjust (bike must be on a stand).

Hope this helps!

The only way I've found to adjust the shock is to remove the seat, muffler, & and side panels. Loosen the airboot on the carb. remove the top bolt of the subframe and loosen the two lower remaining bolts a few turns. Should be able to gently push the subframe back and down about 4-6 inches exposing the shock. I use a big punch and a rubber hammer, it tends not to eat up the locking rings as bad. 1 full turn is 5mm of sag. There's other good suspension info at:

If anyone has an easier method please post.

I do it the same way as others - take the right sidecover off, seat off, etc. until I can get at it. Then it's the ol' hammer and screwdriver...

Jaybert600 is right on. Just loosen the locking collar and turn the spring with your hand.

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