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Ultimate YZ280f Dual Sport Bike?

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I just test rode my 2002 YZ with its new tricked out engine from Thumper Racing. The top end was rebuilt with the 80 mm piston (making it a 280) and a full Kibblewhite valve/spring set. The bottom end was cleaned up with the installation of a WR gear set, the latest version of Rekluse clutch , all topped it off with an eline stator to run the Dual Sport kit with a 150 watts of power! He did all of this for a very reasonable price.

I wanted the top speed for the fast 2x and pavement sections so I pretty well had to go with the WR gearing. That made the 280 was a must do. I installed the 185 main jet as recommended by Thumper and the thing started on the 2 kick.

The verdict: It rips! The increased bore/power really pulls through the wider ratio gearing. It purrs at 65 mph and the lower first gear in combination with the Rekluse clutch makes the really nasty trials-like trails we do a breeze!

I am really happy with this setup!! Thumper Racing is a A1 class act! 😢


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