did a 88 xr 600 have a factory speedo?

Just curious. I need a new cable as mine is broken. I figured it to be part of the baja designs kit. They say "our speedometers fit on a factory cable". Do I call Honda and ask for a replacment speedo cable?

90% sure it had factory speedo. XRs always had speedos, but never tachometers. also 90% sure speedo cables are pretty generic; if you have another lying around, try it.

actually, you should probably ignore my earlier reply, as was thinking of European XRs, which were marketed differently. sorry.

Not an expert by any means, but I think they had an odometer not a speedometer. The cables for both should be the same. If anyone knows for sure, please feel free to correct me.

All japanese bikes use the same type of cable for speedos and tripmeters. My stock DRZ cable (originally for trip.) fit a speedo from a 1981 Kawasaki KE125.... :)

Aha --thanks --checked it today --the cable is ok tho. Its actually the gear portion that broke. So, now I guess I have to find one of those.

Factory the XRs came with an odometer. The early mid 80s bike had the enduro computer option which is a great unit! I have one that I got used and installed in on the XR. SOld the XR and mounted the computer on my KDX since it is also a mechanical unit. Works great!

The XL bikes did have a speedometer. What I have found is any full size bike, ie like a 250cc or larger with the 21" wheel will have a speedometer that is the same calibration as the XR. So if you want a speedometer, check like Ebay for a honda speedometer and you can usually find about 10-20 of them in the $5-20 range that will work. All you will have to do is make a mount which you can use the stock odometer mount for that. You may only be able to use one mounting hole, but that works fine.

Hope that helps you.

I guess I need to go see the honda guys here. I used to have an account (hope I still do) and they were really nice about even letting me use their copy machine and books while I was building my 50 over cr 250 (When I got it the engine was apart in a cardboard box).

Found one for 20 bucks (drive gear assy). It was here in town at a bike salvage yard . Once again thanks to those who replied :)


Where are you located in California?

In Escondido --inland from San Diego

ok--now i need a speedo --the spring broke that holds the needle (clockspring). Who has the biggest bang for the buck? I like simple analog speedos --but if I can get a kick ass unit for round the same price --why not.

problem solved --got the endurance from the thumpertalk store :)

For those of you who don't have a speedo, here's an idea. Go to Meijer or Dunhams or Kmart or wherever and get a bicycle odo/speedo. You can get them for about $15. Installation is simple. You measure the circumference of the front wheel and enter it into the computer. The mount goes right on the handlebar. The computer unit slides off for when you're washing it. Run the wire down the stock odo cable with zipties and your done.

Heard they didn't work correctly and had a high failure rate. Considering the analog I was gonna get was a whole 4 bucks less -went with the one that supports the forum.

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