New Rekluse Z-start clutch user

I've been reading all the post's on the Rekluse Z-Start clutch for the past few weeks and this sounded like the modification I could really use, so last week I odered the clutch and perch adjuster, received it in 2 days. I read the install instructions about 5 times and the install went pretty easy, the perch adjuster was more difficult, but was able to get it installed properly. I only had to make one adjustment to get it working properly. I think I got a bit lucky with this. I live on Vancouver island and have an 01 yz426. There are miles of logging roads and some very tight, hilly trails that give me quite a bit of trouble, I was glad to see I wasn't the only one having to fight this type of bike on tight trails. The clutch made riding these trails much more enjoyable, not having to stress trying to keep the bike from stalling. I found the post by GeogiaBoy very helpful in setting up the clutch and what to expect from the clutch. I have it setup with the light spring so it will engage just off idle. I went riding for a couple of hours this past weekend and I'm very pleased with the way the clutch has worked so far.

Thanks GeorgiaBoy.


Welcome to the Brotherhood of Rekluse. It will amaze you on every ride! The best part for me is no more arm pump! :cry:

i thought i nailed it first time also,it worked great just for the heck of it i checked the install gap and it was way up at .047 so i had to replace two more discs with the thicker ones. what i'm sayin is make sure you check the install gap,i'm guessing that the people who have burned their clutches up are the ones who figured ah heck its workin leave it alone :cry: :cry:

Whats the intall gap does the clutch wear over time and you have to intall new disk????

Thanks for the tip on checking the gap.

I noticed other guys have checked the install gap after riding for the first time. In the break-in and maintenance guide it only mentions doing this if you suspect your clutch is not engaging fully or you've installed new clutch plates. I guess it doesn't hurt to check as in your case where the gap was off by quite a bit. Did you find your clutch was slipping more than it should or there was more heat from the clutch cover than there should be?

no there was no hint of slippage,but yet the gap was way out i had called rekluse and asked them how far out could it go and still work and found that it was entering the danger zone. but once its set it stays until the clutch wears i think 60 hrs was the next time to check after initial seating. i also used my old clutch discs,apparantly the new plates break in and the balls wear into the seats is what changes the install gap. :cry:

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