Has anyone bought and/or used the MX EZ UP Lift from Team Hawg racing ( I saw the first review of it in an old MXA and they complained of some design shortcomings. However, in the latest MXA, they retested it and supposedly the company has fixed all of the bugs.

Anybody out there have one? :cry:

I bought one of ready-2-rides lifts about 2 years ago...its worked VERY well on every bike ive tried it on. Its very sturdy and hold your bike solid enough to be able to kick start it while its on the stand no problem. I see theyve hiked up their prices quite a bit(i think i only paid 39.99 for mine) but their worth it. Only complaint about it is that the ground must be fairly level to use it and can make setting up in a rocky area challanging.

I just got one. I love it. The best money I've spent in a while. Nice, durable rubber mat on top and really stable. I bought the black one. I will not take it out of the garage though but if you needed to take it with you riding, I don't see any drawbacks. I paid $180.00 plus tax. :cry:

I don't see any drawbacks. I paid $180.00 plus tax.

Now that's scary!

Bonzai :cry:

Oh, The EZ-up stand is a different type of stand than the one mentioned by Jeffro426 for $39.99 The EZ up is a hydraulic workstand that lifts the bike up 36 inches off the ground for wrenching. Brings it up to eye level like a mechanic would need. Very stable and secure and I love it for wrenching!!! Worth every penny!!! Made by Hawg Racing Inc. :cry:

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