check this out! kinda interesting

I just read this post over in the honda xr650 thread.


I have been using the shell rotella 15-40 diesel oil for over a year in both yz250f's.

When I just tore them down to put a big bore kit and a set of cams in them I was amazed that I couldnt measure any wear on the cams at all. The small end of the rod and the piston pin, everything looked like new.

And the best part is it's in every autoparts store for $6 or $7/gallon.

When I bought my '01 426, I noticed 2nd gear was not real easy to hit. Not knowing all the quirks about the bike, I somewhat accepted it to be just one of those things. I had changed the oil and put Yamalube Semi-Syn 10w40 back in and went riding. I had the same results.

I had done some reading on the Shell Rotella 15w40 and decided to try it. Drained the Yamalube out and poured in the Shell. I started the bike and let it warm up, took off and it shifts like butter! No joke! I bought a gallon for under $7.00 and have decided that as often as I change the oil, the Shell Rotella 15w40 will be the oil I use from now on.

ripntear :cry:

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