Frozen Swingarm Bolt

I finally got around to greasing my shock linkage only to find out the bearings are shot. I can't get the bolt out of the swingarm in order to check the bearings. I've tried WD-40 and banging on it with a rubber mallet.

Anybody have any other tips?

bang on it with a bigger mallet? im jk. sorry bout that. good luck man.

when mine was frozen, it was REALLY frozen. a rubber mallet wouldnt budge it. i had to go to the hardware store and get some threaded rod, bolts and washers. put them though the bolt and crank down on them, then altenately pound on the threaded rod with a mallet and tighten the bolts.

it will still be a huge pain, but this should start it moving. needless to say, now i grease every pivot down there every 4 months and the swingarm bolt slides right out. :cry:

If the bolt wont' spin, then put the air impact wrench on it and let it spin for a few seconds. That typically loosens them right up. But if the bolt is stuck to the inner bearing races and they are spinning too then that won't work and you may end up pounding it out or in a worst case taking a hack saw to the bolt between the joints. :cry: Just don't pound it too hard, aluminum is soft and doesn't take well to pounding.

My 99 did the same thing the first time I changed bearings. I used WD-40 and followed it up with my heat gun. The bearing is wasted so a little heat will not hurt anything. If you can get the outside metal to expand just a little it will release it's strangle hold and the bolt will come out.

Bonzai :cry:

Gauranteed your bearings are wasted. You can also bet the bolt is groved due to lack of maintenance there.

Just get a bigger hammer.

I've soaked in WD-40 for several days and the swinigarm now moves up and down freely, but I still can't get the bolt to budge at all by hammering on it.

So much for the bigger Hammer suggestion.....

Try Some HEAT!

Bonzai :cry:

I've soaked in WD-40 for several days... but I still can't get the bolt to budge at all by hammering on it.

did you even try the threaded rod suggestion?

maybe a sledge hammer will do the trick.

Just remember that aluminum doesn't like to be beat on or get very hot, and especially not beat on while it's hot! So be warned that any aluminum parts that you heat or bang on might need to be replaced when finished. In other words, personally I would try to limit the torture to the bolt and steer clear of the swingarm itself.

Ok let me make this clear...... Use a heat gun on the 700 degree setting and heat the outside area around the bolt housing... Then take a ratchet and socket and work the bolt until is spins free. Then take a BRASS drift and gently tap the threaded end of the bolt until it releases. If you have a wagner heat gun ($30.00 at Lowes) you can increase the heat setting to 1000 degrees without hurting the aluminum.)

I have done this many many times and it always works...

Bonzai :cry:

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