roll start

had to roll start my 426 a couple of times on the weekend got told it might not be good for it is this right :cry:

never heard of roll starting being an issue,

the only problem I have is being unfit and can't push it for very long :cry:

there was no pushing she was down step hills

sounds like a load of crap to me. I roll start mine sometimes when I'm feeling lazy and stoped on a hill.

Just pull in the decomp lever before you click it up into 2nd and away you go :cry:

if we didnt pull the decomp lever,

can we damage the motor?


no way.

if you dont decomp, the compression sometimes is too much to allow the wheel to rotate and you cant start because the back wheel skids.

its by far the easist and quickest way to start your bike if you are stalled on a hill and facing down slope.

nope, cant damage it

Just like missile said, it will cause the rear wheel to lock. The other way to do it is to stand on the pegs and slam your butt onto the seat as you put it into gear. This action loads up the rear tyre and prevent lockup. If you do it this way put the bike on TDC first so it gets almost 2 revolutions before it comes back onto the compression stroke (which is what causes the lockup). Alternatively just tune it properly and it'll go 1st kick every time. The 'on the fly fuel screw' mod is worth it's weight in gold I reckon.

Roll started my old WR426F several times, get it rolling release the clutch and "flash" or bump the compression release, lit right off!

u guys are right,

i tried to roll start it down a ramp but the rear wheel skidded

& i nearly dump the bike,

i was worried i might have damage some thing but apparently



thanks guys will keep doing it

Heyyyy!!!! How do I roll start my bike??? I've got a 2003 and it doesnt have a decomp lever. I feel left out. :cry:

You don't need the lever, you have automatic decompression, just drop the clutch and go. :cry:

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