Rekluse clutch..............again!

Ok I am pretty much made my mind up to get one but have a few queries. I have sat for hours reading other posts about this but am still a bit confused!

My bike is an 03 450 I am going to install new oem friction plates with my z-start. I have not done any clutch mods does this matter?

Also I only ride mx, nearly all the reports have been on woods and trail riding, does anyone have any reports of how it performs in mx only?

Thanks in advance for your help!

My question is if you are only doing MX, why would you want one?

It is a great product, but I tried one and it worked like they said but it just was not for me, I did not have the control that I wanted! I returned it after a week of tweeking. It would be a must for the woods but I ride MX only! :cry:

it works great for motocross. you dont really need any of the clutch mods. go ahead and get new fibers and metal disks. you wont ned all of them, but a few extra dosent hurt.

i have a 2003 450 and i use the external perch mount with the light spring. it may take you a little while to get it dialed in but you will get it there after a few adjustments. the external perch mount is good for starts but you wont need it for much else.

It might be just the thing I need myself !! After I wipe out, the bike would still be running wouldnt it? No need to try and get her started again ! Just pick it up and go ! Trying to get my horse started cost me quite a few positions once or twice this season, as I remember :cry:

yep, no more dying when u crash. well, atleast when u fall over in a turn it wont die. if u wad it up over a triple it probably wont stay running, but i doubt u would care anyway after crashing that hard. lol

there are a few other benefits also:

no stalling in turns

no killing it in the air

smoother power from the bottom end

less wheel spin in the turns

and one of the best benefits... u are very seldom in the wrong gear

i use mine almost exclusively for mx. the only thing that i dont like is a stock clutch has more spring tension at low rpms, so popping the clutch is more responsive with a stock setup. with the rekluse, you pop the clutch and it goes slushy because of the low rpm slip. i dont like the way the rekluse works out of the box. i think im going to run 10 heavy balls, possibly as much as 15, but at that point the clutch will almost stop being an auto.

thats ok, if i can set it up so i can use the bottom end hit and still have a light lever pull, then ill be happy.

btw - i stall my bike in about 1 out of every 4 crashes.

before i got used to the auto, i would stall it every few laps by using the brake.

you can kill it in the air unless you pull in the lever.

and the power is too smooth on the bottom, you lose the push/pull 4stroke hookup on the very bottom end.

you will be dissapointed if you like to lug the engine alot.

as you can see not everything is rosy with the rekluse, but since everyones review is always glowing, i thought i might point out that its not perfect.

hey tool, try 10 first i'm noticing that the faster engagement may damage your drivetrain components. the constant on /off action that i love and you are striving for seems to amplify any slop in the drivetrain,and seems like its continuing to worsen,also seems to eat the chain up faster! i'm going to try the heavier spring and see if it helps. the way the trannie ratios are my 5 balls in the wr should be the same(or close) as 10 in the yz. i'll let you know i'm gonna change the spring today. :cry:

o.k. just got back in from changing the spring,much much better! it still kept the instant engagement but is buffered now as not to clank the drivetrain every time you hit the gas at low rpm. almost as if the throttle is is controlling the engagement as you roll on instead of just "clank" and go,if you whack the throttle its still instant. i'd say try 10 with the heavy spring :cry:

For woods riding its a gott-a-have-it!

I don't see the need for MX. User your clutch at the starting gate and shift (not clutch) till the end of the moto. Just my $.02

im really wondering whats going on here. i cant lower my stall speed any more and its still nowhere near being low enough to, as you say, "just clank and go". i always use the lever to get more revs on take off, but after that i want the clutch to stay engaged until i lock up the rear tire.

maybe its the smaller engine not having a broad enough torque curve to clank and go. in my experience with the YZ ratios, shorter gearing doesnt "fix" the clutch chatter it just speeds it up.

i want the torquey bottom end rattle that makes my chain slap, i cant get this with just 5 TC balls. my adjuster is all the way out.

i loved having the stock clutch back before... it was so luggable. :cry: but i cant make the z start do that. :cry:

try 5 more balls they're only $20 i can't beleive the drives are that different,so what is it the wr clutch spins faster than the yz? that must be why i get such strong engagement with the 5 balls as compared to yours. i've heard that you can change the reduction gears fairly easily. what spring are you using now?

Should have went down and talked to Dave at Revloc in LoDo and you would have spent the extra $$$ and got a way better clutch........

Just my .02............


Should have went down and talked to Dave at Revloc in LoDo and you would have spent the extra $$$ and got a way better clutch........

Just my .02............


Only a difference of what 550.00 bucks? I dont know about the Rekluse yet but the EFM worked great. The Revloc was built and adjusted by the manufacturer, so it should be set up well. I am sure if we all took our bikes to Al and let them set up the clutch these problems would be few. The Rekluse seems to be well built, inexpensive, able to convert back to stock WITHOUT buying a new basket. One of my only complaints about the EFM was that I had to have my stock basket machined for the attachment screws. Not Slamming Revloc's ability to doo the job, I just think they are a little proud with a price of 900.00 or more. I also like to tinker and got the Rekluse used.

i am quite happy with the performance and adjustability of the rekluse.being able to fine tune something to your riding style/conditions is a definate bonus if you ask me. my bike is set up for me, by me and buying something that is tunable instead of "this is the way it is" would be worth paying more for if you ask me. just so happens its less,i can live with it. tool just needs to experiment a little more before throwing in the towel! :cry:

i hear you nc, but listen to this... the z start is contacting my clutch cover - when i pull in the lever, the clutch cover FLEXES outward. the guy on the phone says the 3 gaskets they give you sag over time.

so i ordered another 5 TC balls and a rekluse cover. but what do these covers say on the bottom? it better not say "" or something like that. i will be soo mad.

the clutch better not ever touch this cover and i better be able to get the stall speed alot lower, i dont care if i need 15 heavy balls - it better work right.

check this out -

$400 for z start

$100 for perch adjuster

$75 for replacement lower assembly

$65 for 10 TC balls

$140 for special, required clutch cover

$30 for shipping all this stuff


$810 and counting... :cry:

Tool, are you running a heavier flywheel? Rekluse told me that using the auto clutch is like adding 6 oz. to the flywheel. Maybe you should try the stocker?

well i use their cover (i didn't want to use all those gaskets) and the clearance issue is solved but bad news brother aside from the very cool spider on it,it says REKLUSE.COM :cry: :cry: i would say that touching the cover may have been the problem i've heard other people with the same dillema that was also why i just got the cover when i ordered the would think they'd lower the price of the cover after they put advertising on it!!! :cry:

the clutch cover FLEXES outward. the guy on the phone says the 3 gaskets they give you sag over time.

Pick up the Zstart Cover, Not only does it look great but adds 10cc of oil to the system.

They do offer just a spacer to move the cover outwards. Much cheaper I am sure. EFM offers one if Rekluse doesnt.

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