I finally got my camera back. Here's a few shots for you guys that PM'd me. Hopefully in the last pic you can see the LED turn signals I made. I have a few more things to do,(exhaust, frame black, skid plates, etc.)

Good, bad, or just different?






Very nice bike!

I like the GPS!

Do you lock your garage!

very cool,nice bike, but I agree you need to change the blue frame color. Are the LED's legal for dual sport use in Michigan

I like it because it's different. Time for some carbon fiber parts. That would fit in nice with all the black. :cry:

Very cool.. :cry: Like what you have done.


Psssssst.... black excels!!!

Cool! :cry: :cry: :cry:

Very nice...... :cry:

Can you post details on how you did the signals & brake setup?

I've got an XR400, those big ugly turn signals suck, and they break too easy, and draw too much power

That looks like the speedometer that I have on my bike. Is it from a XT 350? I didn't center mine, as the on/off button is on the left side and the speedo is on the right. Yeah, I changed things around a little bit. I also swapped the hot start over to the right and put my mirror on the left. It was all done for a reason but right now I can't remember what that reason was. At 58 I forget all kinds of unimportant stuff like that. It's what works for me, so that must be why I did it. I would take pictures if I knew how to post them, but thats another thing that is beyond my abilities. :cry:


looks sweet. black exels are needed.

also, do you ever rid in the rain or through puddles. you will hate that front fender if you do. i had to use my SM fender on a dirt ride once. it wasn't cool at all, @ 30km/h+ you cant see anything.

Thanks a ton for the compliments guys! I was a little hesitant to do it, I love the blue bikes. Having something different is always fun though. To answer a few of the replys:

Beezer:garage is not locked, Benelli M1 IS locked...and loaded. :cry:

Jim: it is a speedo off a TW 200. Works perfect. You can see it at speed.

Simon: Yeah the fender does suck if it's raining. Mud hasn't been a problem.

Washin: I'll have black Excels on her by spring.

MegaDeth: Let me there's too much, I'll sum up.... I'll PM you.

Jackazz: It's all 2003 YZ plastic except front fender. Stock airbox. Most YZ plastic will fit, some dremel work required. It is very easy, and very accessible from Yamaha online in the YZ section.

...Yeah, I changed things around a little bit. I also swapped the hot start over to the right and put my mirror on the left. It was all done for a reason but right now I can't remember what that reason was. At 58 I forget all kinds of unimportant stuff like that...

I think alot of states in the US require you to have a mirror on the left side. I've also heard of alot of people moving the hot start to the right so they don't accidentially turn the throttle when using it (supposedly your hand position while actuating the hot start prohibits doing both at the same time).

These are just guesses, of course, actual reasoning may vary.

DS, looks nice in black. Is the whole rear end (fender, airbox & side panels) YZ stuff? If not what year & where'd you get it?

Are the turn signals DRZ-E/K tail lights?

you can get some of the lighting here:


Most of what they have is street oriented but they have a good selection of after market lighting. IMO

I left the hot start on mine on the left side, just made a offset bracket to clear lighting control and mirror.

no need for black excels if you know of a procedure known as eloxation...thats why black excels are black

pull apart, take rims only to the shop that does this, and for low price, you get black's, only without takasago excel logo

the same can be done to every alloy part, perhaps swingarm, black swingarm, sounds nice

maybe black tank too, plastic can be painted, a friend payed for complete plastic paint job (from blue to white ) on his KTM660 rally replica, including brushing, groundcolour and colour, 250$

original bike colour was orange and maybe some gray, im not sure for 2003 model

cant you just anodize them yourself?

DIGITAL_SOLDIER, can ya give me some info on your speedometer? You said its from a TW200... what year and how much did it cost? A part number would be great if ya got one.

What all did you have to do to make it mount up and work on your WR?

I'd like a speedo on my wr and a better odometer too... looks like the one you have might be what I'm lookin for :cry: Thanks!

Your bike looks damn sharp by the way... looks as good as that yellow 450 someone posted pictures of awhile back. :cry:


Thank you for the compliments. :cry:

To answer your questions:

I was wrong in my previous post saying the speedo was off a TW200. It is off of a 2003 or 04 XT225. It is about $80, but it's backlit nicely. It hooks right up to your stock trip odo cable on a WR. Speed is relatively accurate.(sometimes 5mph off) How I mounted it was no scientific procedure. It was a mix of waterski binding parts, stainless hardware and a good dose of JERRY(the best rigger I know) for the bracket.

The blue in the speedo face matches the blue of WR's frame paint perfectly. It looked stock when my bike was blue.

Just ask your friendly neighborhood Yamaha dealer to look at the parts book for an XT225. (sorry I don't have a part #) Don't get all the housing crap, and dummy lights stuff. It's too big for the space above the bars....and they are dumb. Speedo is all that's required. :cry:

Chevy Cowboy,

I ordered a speedometer for a 2001 XT 350. It reads higher than the TW200 unit. It cost me about $116.00 if I remember correctly. I had it about 3 weeks before my bike got to the dealer, which gave me time to figure mounting. I made a "Z" shaped bracket to raise the speedo so as to not put so much of a kink in the speedo cable. It raised it up about 3 inches. It even has a light inside to iluminate it, which I tied into the headlight wire. The only drawback is you can't reset "tenths", it's all or nothing. The stock trip meter can be re-set a little or alot depending on yor needs.


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