trailtech computer is only 60 $

Mega. It may be twice as much money but it keeps on working after riding in the rain, unlike both of the trailtechs that I had on my WR 400. Both got wet and both DIED. Trailtech replaced both,but I've had this one since early 2003 and haven't had any problems with over 2000 miles on the bike, Lots of crashes, rain storms and wash jobs and it still works like it did when new.


ohh dont say that, why is it when I searched trailtech all I found was good posts :cry:

I've got mine wet a few times and it's still working

knock on wood

Can the trailtech be removed easy? That way when your washing your bike or leaving it out in the open you can take it off? Anyone? Thanks...... :cry:

it has a little clip, push down and it slides off the bracket, very easy to remove

Sweet steath look!! Good job on the plastic!

But where did you get that gas tank? How big is it, how much $$ was it, who makes it... etc....?


Thank you for the compliments. :cry:

To answer your questions:

I was wrong in my previous post saying the speedo was off a TW200. It is off of a 2003 or 04 XT225. It is about $80, but it's backlit nicely. It hooks right up to your stock trip odo cable on a WR. Speed is relatively accurate.(sometimes 5mph off) How I mounted it was no scientific procedure. It was a mix of waterski binding parts, stainless hardware and a good dose of JERRY(the best rigger I know) for the bracket.

The blue in the speedo face matches the blue of WR's frame paint perfectly. It looked stock when my bike was blue.

Just ask your friendly neighborhood Yamaha dealer to look at the parts book for an XT225. (sorry I don't have a part #) Don't get all the housing crap, and dummy lights stuff. It's too big for the space above the bars....and they are dumb. Speedo is all that's required. :cry:

Cool, thanks alot, I'll be ordering one of these asap :cry:

do the bulbs and wiring for the backlighting come with it or do I need to order those sepretly? I know Jerry pretty well, so installing it shouldnt be a problem. I'm also have a masters in Redneck Engineering :cry: :cry:

The trailtech might be cheaper.. but I don't care for the way it looks (cheap and very much added on) the one on digitals bike looks more stock.

Hey DS, looks nice in black. Is the whole rear end (fender, airbox & side panels) YZ stuff? If not what year & where'd you get it?

Sorry Jack,

I edited one of my replys to answer your first post of this plastic question. But it's cool, I'll answer here too.

Yeah it's all YZ plastic '03. Airbox is still WR. Acerbis sells a full black YZ plastic kit (I got GYT-R stuff) but the complete kit from Acerbis would have been cheaper. :cry:

Get a Dremel tool, some minor adjustments are needed.

Chevy Cowboy,

I ordered a speedometer for a 2001 XT 350. It reads higher than the TW200 unit. It cost me about $116.00 if I remember correctly. I had it about 3 weeks before my bike got to the dealer, which gave me time to figure mounting. I made a "Z" shaped bracket to raise the speedo so as to not put so much of a kink in the speedo cable. It raised it up about 3 inches. It even has a light inside to iluminate it, which I tied into the headlight wire. The only drawback is you can't reset "tenths", it's all or nothing. The stock trip meter can be re-set a little or alot depending on yor needs.


Hi Jim, do ya happen to have a picture of your speedo installed so I can compare it to the one pictured above? What speed does yours go up to?

ZipTy Racing YZ tank isn't it? And a guts racing tall seat?

Very nice bike...I love it! :cry: :cry: :cry:

Sorry, I missed the first edit.

I guess your bike is an '03 then? Mine's an '04 where the front part of the # plate is attached to the airbox side "lid", so I'd need a different airbox to use the YZ plastics. It's very hard for me to believe that none of the manufacturer's have figured out that us WR owners would like plastics in other colors than stock (& with a handle hole on the left side too!) :cry: Shoot, I'd be happy just to get all blue # plates, as i allready rashed up the front mask white sticker & peeled it off.


Get the YZ side plates, it all does work even with that little # side plate on part of the airbox cover. There is a little screw on the backside that you can remove the white section. This is where the dremel comes in. You will have to shave a small piece of the airbox lid (where that little white piece is) to make the new one piece plate work. You'll then have to cut off part of the new side plate to match the small white one you just removed. It's very easy! And the YZ side plates DO have a handle too!

Genius! Thank you sir.

Chevy Cowboy,

I will look at my bike at lunch time and post later today. I can't remember how far it reads to but I

know I had my WR450 up to 92 mph and there was still more speedo to go. The face of mine is all black except for the numbers, no red on it at all. And as far as pictures go,,,,, I have none and not even the slightest idea how to do it. Post pictures that is. :cry:



Actually Zip Ty WR tank and yes guts tall seat with gripper cover (make sure you get the TALL seat cover!). The YZ and WR tank might be the same. Not sure.

Don't hesitate to get a tall seat foam, even if you are a midget or Gary Coleman. The tall foam is much softer and will compress to a lower height than your stock WR seat. You can make it extra soft by drilling a few holes out of the foam before you have it covered. Also an electric fillet knife works to shave parts of the seat down if you want more contour. I opted for straight across, more moto style flat.

Have fun.

The heck with the speedometer.... My GPS 5 is 10 times more accurate that the spedometer on my new truck.

Where did you get the mounting bracket for it. I thought of making one out of the Garmin bracket but have been hesitent because of vibration and the plastic mount.

Bonzai :cry:

Hey guys, I'm Steve riding a WR450 supermoto on the streets. I also had a trailtech speedo mounted with their high dollar billet mounting brk. Anyways the speedo unit worked its way out and lost on the road way. I replaced it and modified the mounting brk using a small screw in the front to hold it in always. Well not long after,... due to the normal vibration of these bikes, the mounting bracket cracked along where it is mounted to the triple clamp (too thin in this area :cry:. On a closing note: I will not buy another trailtech! Imargine if I was using this bike off road :cry:

Chevy Cowboy,

I checked, and my speedo goes up to 110 MPH. Someday I will figure out how to do pictures here but as of now, No Can Do, Sorry.


Chevy Cowboy,

I checked, and my speedo goes up to 110 MPH. Someday I will figure out how to do pictures here but as of now, No Can Do, Sorry.


No problem about the pictures.. your description is good enough. I think I'll go with the one DIGITAL has just because I'm a sucker for blue. I don't see the top side of 75mph much anyway :cry:

Thanks for checking :cry:

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