What to do w/ stock header?

I've searched pretty much all the posts on this board related to exhausts, and I've come to the conclusion that the White Bros. E-Series is the best pipe out there for a 650L. I can get one from a local dealer for 229. Which seems like a good price, because the lowest price online I've seen is 249.95. So my real question is, since the stock headers seem best, what can I do to make them look better? I was thinking of sanding them down and painting them, but was afraid they'd develop holes after sanding. Another idea was to use header wrap. But 40 bucks for the wrap, and the fact that it holds water against the already rusted pipes, isn't my idea of a good thing. So what has everyone else done with them? Left them alone?

Thanks for any advice.


Have them ceramic coated. It looks great and gets rid of the staining problem. Take off the heat guard, grind off and weld over the mounting holes and everyone will think you have an aftermarket header. Baja Designs did the header on my 650R and it looks great.

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