Mystery Screw

I just pulled the head off my '01 650R in order to get the valve guides replaced. (see Blowing Blue post of Aug. 6). Thanks to the people who responded.

As I removed the carb I found a brass bolt that goes from the outside to the insde of the carb throat on the upstream side. It is at the 11 o'clock position. Any idea what it is for? Would a Scottoiler be able to use the vacuum produced here? :)

sorry, can't help you w/ the 1st question.

what about baja designs? I've had some interesting experiences with them...

Is it the bolt on the head (intake area) or the carb?

The bolt is on the head itself, not on the carb body. It is about 0.5 inches from where the carb butts against the head.

Sorry for the confusing earlier description.

It sounds like the port where the smog pump for the California model draws a vacuum from (nothing to worry about).

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