Acerbis Taillight problem

I installed the Acerbis taillight/plate holder on my 650L and have had nothing put problems with it from day one. The socket that holds the light is a very poor design and the contacts are weak. This results in the running light sometimes not coming on, but the brake light works. Or sometimes the running light works ,but the brakelight won't come on. Anyway I was wondering if anyone else has experienced similar problems, and what you did to correct it. Other than that I really like the light and would hate to have to replace it if there's a way to correct this issue. Here's a link to the light I have. een=PROD&Store_Code=BD-Bike-Store&Product_Code=600700&Category_Code=60

Thanks, Mike

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billyj7175, They said that the problem is that the bulb is hard mounted with nothing to absorb the shock for off-road riding causing the bulb to break contact. This is the link to the part they requested to fix this problem. It's basically just a floating socket that's rubber mounted. I just can't wait to get this resolved because it's starting to drive me iNsAne. :) Later, Mike een=PROD&Store_Code=BD-Bike-Store&Product_Code=602003&Category_Code=60

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I would contact Baja Designs if that's where you got it from. I haven't heard of anybody else having the same problem, so maybe you just got a bad one. Either way BD, is a excellent company to do biz with, and I'm sure they'd hook you with a replacement.

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