Seat heigth

I have a favor to ask. Could somebody measure the distance between the XR650R's footpegs and seat lowest part ? I'm quite tall and I don't want a motorcycle that feels like a couch.

Thank you in advance.

I asked one of my kids to measure this so I hope they're close here, but they told me they measured 21.25 inches from the top of the foot peg to the top of the seat at the lowest point in the 'V' just before the tank. They told me the bike was on its side stand when they took this measurement and that may have introduced a bit of optical illusion as they were looking at it, but at least the suspension didn't have any sag in it this way, which could also affect this measurement. Hopefully you'll get some other measurements to corroberate this, but I'm not near my bike right now or otherwise I'd put a level on it and get you a number myself.

I've talked to plenty of tall riders who really like this bike after they've raised the handlebars and pushed them forward by using bar risers or changing to a new triple clamp. Another popular thing for tall riders is to buy the taller softer seat foam offered by several companies. I'm nearly 6'5" tall myself and found the stock bike a bit cramped, but adding the Scotts triple clamps that moves the bars further forward and up higher made a very positive difference for me.

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