edelbrock carb probs

my edelbrock carb on my 2002 xr650r sm has started idleing realy weird and afterhaving it dynoed thedyno operator said it was too rich on the idle ,so how do i adjust the richness of the idle ?he said the fueling was fine ,i've cleaned the carb ,checked the valve clearances,checked for airleaks and now i am cofused as to whatis causing the rich idle all i can think of is the fuelingistoo rich causing it to tick over too rich,anyone got any info on this .

I just installed one this past weekend, did you adjust the red knob on top yet ? hold the throttle wide open and adjust by turning right to richen, left to lean I have the instructions at home...

Call me and I would be glad to help you out with any tuning problems that you have.

Thanks Rob Barnum. 760-868-8097

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