Brake Pads

G`day All

what brake pads do you guys recommendon your 650r`s?

Running with new wave disc rear lean towards gold fren k5`s like the front s3`s (ceramic carbon),but advice would be handy

Thanks in advance


i dont run the wave rotor--but i do know the big problem with that set up is that it goes thru pads very fast.

sand, silt, etc. are much more liable to get into it--even though its supposed to have the opposite effect...

so there is the question of longevity and of performance (and cost?)

for feel i really like the carbon. more response--and i dont ride in the mud--so they wear well enough...

for Dakar i will probably go with the scintered units just becouse of durability. its a trade off--like everything.

the oversize front disc is a big help on the BRP...especially with all that extra fuel. If you have the AUssie Aqua tanks then i would think oversize, non-wave scintered would last the longest, while the carbon/wave would perform the best...

just my two pesos worth.


Where are you guys finding rotors for the BRP? I have only found two aftermarket co's that make em'. Titax(rockymnt) and Braking(wave rotor). Other than that it's a stocker from honda that's big bucks.

Motomaster has some oversized rotors for the XR650R. Barnums was blowing them out a while back. I don't know if they have anymore or not, but the Motomaster part number on mine is listed as 'RYV-103 OSUL' and the adapter bracket part number etched into the part is '0S 101'. Mine is a 260mm floater setup, but he also had standard setups as well. My understanding from talking to Rob based on his experiences using this product was the floating setup he was offering had a more pregressive feel to it where as the other MM disc felt like it was braking more abruptly, which is what some folks prefer.

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