Here's a picture of Mike's Big Red Pig. bikesbigredpig.jpg

Thanks Keith.

That's a picture of my bike two weeks after I bought it. I'm getting it ready for a Baja tour 8/22. I have about 275 miles on it now so it should be broke in. This will be my first time in Baja with this bike. :)

I have a 4.3 gal tank, Pro-Tapers with Scotts damper and triple clamp, White Bros pipe, all the smog crap removed with a new intake etc. I'm putting on a fat 140 S-12 on the rear and a 756 front. I'm Ready for Baaajaaaaa.

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I think my 520RFS can smoke the BRP. Too bad I can't ride very well!

Where in baja are you going? Hope you have a way to carry extra fueL, you'll need it. This past march I went do with my riding buddies (2 XR650L's, a XR650, and my XR400). We each carried no less than 6 gallons of gas. Also have a cambelback with lots of water, it'll be damn hot down there. Have fun and stay safe.

I'm riding sweep for Trailboss Tours. We have a support truck that follows us. We will most likelly go to Mike's sky rancho and down the cost. This will be a 3 day 450 mile trip. Done that ride many times.

Finally! After all those times on the DRZ... you're gonna dig the big bike down there, even though it is pretty nice to have the drz button...

Gonna sell the DRZ now?

Maybe we'll se ya down there!



I'm keeping the DRZ for now, its good on the slower stuff.

I had a XR600 for the first three years and put about 25,000 miles on it. It finaly gave out when we post rode the Baja 2000. I rode it into Cabo spitten and missing to the hotel. I pulled the engine a part and could see day light threw the valve seats. I ended up replacing 6 gears in the tranny too. That was a good bike.

I'll keep an eye out for you, Happy trails.


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