Future Honda Fourstroke lineup as per Team Burk

What do you guys think of this lineup?

Motocross/Race Bikes




The two new bikes to this lineup would be identical to their race proven big brother and would cover all three classes.

Trail/Enduro Bikes









This new lineup would incorporate the new CRF450R fourstroke engine developments as well as some new ones:

1.) Lighter overall weight

2.) Suspension improvements

3.) E-button along with kicker

4.) New Watercooling (happy with the aircool but watercool is what they developed)

5.) Pumper carbs

6.) Headlights

7.) Optional Dual Sport kits available

*Improvements #4, 5, 6 & 7 would be available for these three bikes only.

If this lineup ever materialized I believe it would seriously hurt the Kawa-zuki and Yammie sales.

I wonder if Honda would listen to me?

COME ON HONDA LETS GO, lets make it happen by lets say 2005!!!

Oh what a sore subject this is with me...hahaha. Ya know, I've have ALWAYS been a 4 stroke fan, and ALWAYS idolized the BBR one-of-a-kind bikes of years ago. Honda has always had the upper hand in the four stroke world, but chose to sit on there butts about it for years...until yamaha slapped them down with the YZF/WRF 250/400/426, and completely stole the show. It really wasn't until then that Honda did much of anything about it. Honda has lost a ton of money to the boys in blue in last few years....granted the CRF450 was a monumental step in the right direction, but years too late.

I would love to get worked up about honda's new stuff, but the possibility of them actually coming out seems pretty mute. From what I've experienced in the past, Honda has always been a dominate force, and very motocross oriented, and willing to tweak and completely redesign their CR line at the drop of a hat...(look at the 03 CRF with the new triple clamp setup that everybody bitched about just LAST year...but did they do anything about the 00 650R boiling over?...see my point) but really didn't seem to care about what problems people had with the XR's. I mean, why should they?...for their intended purposes, the older XR's were so good that people were willing to put up with their weight and mediocre power downfalls, and honda sold a ton of them. The XR400, when first introduced, people swiped them up, and then dumped thousands of dollars to modify them for motocross, and they were the rage...until YZF. Honda could have prevented all of this, by merely listening to what the "common trail rider" had to say...but they chose not to.

Enter the long awaited CRF250F...watched any ESPN lately?...go ask a Yamaha dealership how many 250F's they've sold in teh past couple of years...Chad Reed winning the 125 supercross series on a 240F doesn't help team red out at all either.

Honda had the technology (look at formula one), and they've always had the money...and at teh same time, they've heard endless cries from us four stroke fanatics for lighter weight, slimmer ergos, and more power....but unfortunaly it fell on deaf ears....and now Yamaha is laughing all the way to teh bank...AND winning championships as well.

Now don't get me wrong, I've always been a Honda diehard and I always will, but I've just lost faith in them. Pretty much the whole XR line have been awesome bikes, I just hate to see the smack-down that we're taking from the YZF/WRF's. I figure that by the time that they actually develop a "enduroized CRF", I will then be pushing retirement, and by then it won't really matter...haha

I guess my point is, if Honda would have listend, they would be light years ahead of Yamaha, and us Ride Red guys would be cruising around on 220 lb, street legal, e-start CRF's

Anyway....I'm off on a tangent. If you somehow have an inside line, I'll email Honda everyday, a 60 page saga on how I've been waiting on them....hahaha. I own a 650R, and I simply love the thing, but then again, it's so good that I'm willing to put up with the girth and the weight for that awesome power! Honestly my needs point directly at a WRF426, but I just couldn't bring myself to it...and I couldn't afford the KTM...hahaha

Anyway...just my .02 cents worth....8^)

i second that motion, can you say ktm 520 honda! i have an 01 650r but what the hell is with the puking coolant and the horrible stock carb! no reason for the lack of the magic button. lets go honda, time to step up. :)

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