Africa Twin Owners?

anybody monitoring this page who owns an africa twin?

i want to hunt one down soon for the big adventure type trips...

not sure if i'm going to wait and find a twin in the states or outfit a xr650 for big trips.

i rode a xr650l from washington state to colorado and back five years ago and still have monkey-but... not too excited about reliving that on the brp.

any insight on the africa twin or outfitting the brp for mega rides would be apprec.


didn't know they ever sold the africa twin in the US; maybe Canada. I've got a buddy who has owned both an africa twin and a yamaha supertenere. He swears by the supertenere; same size and weight but significantly more powerful.

ggod luck

The Africa Twin was never sold in canada but there are a few importers in Vancouver who are bringing in all kinds of machines never sold here. GSXR 400's and the like. They could be persuaded if you waved the money under their nose.

As for the Super Tenere...they are massive. Sure they have lots more power but they are as dirt worthy as a BMW GS !

I have been thinking along the same lines. The 650R has possibilities and modifications would cost around $CAN 3000 for fuel capacity, racks and security to make me happy. It would still be not that comfortable. The big KLR is another option but it would still need about the same money in mod's to make it dirt worthy.

Only my 2 cents.

i didn't think about talking to a vancover importer. good point. i figured i would just watch the cycle trader till one turned up.

i noticed that the earlier africa twins are more dirt worthy than the new...just from what i can observe from photos...seems like the early to mid 90's models have less plastic and appear to have more dirt bike parts versus street bike-type parts. i.e. handlebars, foot pegs,

one advantage i guess with outfitting a 650r is that you could pull all of the big trip stuff off and it's back to being a true offroad bike...put it on and it's an adventure bike again.

if i go with the africa twin, it's a one purpose bike, of course, i've already got other bikes for the other stuff. :)

What is an Africa twin? :) Where can I see one?

OK now I found a web site with the bike. I like it. I think I've seen one on the road before.

i've seen a couple of africa twins on the road. both ridden on multi-country trips. there is a lot of interest in the bikes in europe... i've heard that honda hasen't brought them in to the states because of lack of american interest in adventure touring. the euro guys run those bikes down to aftrica as well as into asia and back.

i'll probably wait awhile on getting a twin. i'd rather take a brp and outfit it for big trips... that way i can pull stuff off it and still race/playride with it.

I read a comparison test between a new and old model Africa Twin. A British mag called Bike which is quite good and fairly honest.

I can't remember the years tested, probably around a 97 and a 93 but in their opinion the earlier was definetly more dirtworthy than the later model. However the later did have a very cool digital dash alongside the analogue tach.

after doing more research over the weekend i've decided to pick up another xr60l for overland/big adventure trips. i should have just kept the bike i had five years ago. : )

1. africa twin is not dirt worthy. there is a lot of plastic to pull off to get to the engine.

2. by the time i import/find an AT i will have spent the same amount as i would have on a 650L and all the big trip stuff.

3. the 650L can be unleshed with suspension and exhaust mods to make it at least somewhat interesting in the dirt when it's the only bike in camp.


it seems like 650Ls also have low resale value when compared to other hondas. i can probably pick up a mid-90s bike for just under 3 grand with some hagleing.

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